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  1. Teacher Tan Xiaofang summarized the following points:
    . When returning the goods, the customer will pick the fabric, color, or length of the clothes?
    Wrong: Isn't it good when you bought it before?
    Wrong: Sorry, if it is not a matter of quality, our company will not retreat!
    Wrong: Sorry, this is not our problem, there is no way to retreat!
    Wrong: Not short! Not chair! The color is very beautiful! This fabric is very good, it is imported fabric, there is no problem!
    Wrong: Why don't you say before?
    Wrong: Don't help you change it!
    right: If you still have a thorough space
    Was you feel that the fabric (length, color) make you dissatisfied? (Reason for inquiry)
    The is this: In fact, the advantage of this color is ----- The reason why the length is designed is ----- so when you wear it And import)
    : If there is no space, you can only use the replacement
    . Let me take a few pieces, please help you change it, what kind of fabric do you like What about color, style)? (Convert to the exchange)
    right: I'm really sorry! Because what you just said is not a problem with quality! Do you think so? You tell me the fabrics, styles, and colors you like. Let me introduce it to you. These are our new models this year. There must be you suitable for you. What you like is The brand is also considered high -end. Why is it not good for workmanship? Look at the wired head here?
    Wrong: This is normal
    Wrong: This small problem is inevitable
    Wrong: Oh, as long as it is cut off, it is okay, it does not affect!
    Wrong: The current clothing is like this, this is a common phenomenon, just deal with it!
    yes: Thank you for telling me this situation. I will immediately report to the company and make adjustments immediately. Thank you, come, I will help you try it to try on, please -
    yes: oops! It doesn't matter, let me deal with it, I will take another new one for you to try it out. Please ---
    . This kind of fabric is not very good, it is easy to deform, stabbing people!
    Wrong: No! We have sold for so long and never have such a problem!
    Wrong: How can it be! Will not!
    Error: This kind of fabric will not have this problem!
    Wrong: You should not say this kind of fabric
    While you can add one more when you wear it
    right: Sorry, please, what's going on? (The reason for inquiry is caused by different fabrics, errors of washing methods, inadequate maintenance, etc.)
    This is the case, ----- (explained according to the cause of the question)
    Pelasium: The fabric is not good? I want to know this question, because in the past, we did not hear customers say so. Can you talk about this situation?
    pair: If the fabric itself does cause this kind of problem
    yes! In fact, the maintenance method and dressing method of each fabric are different, especially like our fabrics, because the advantage of our fabric is ----- so customers are best for maintenance and wear --- ---
    . The sweater is also washed off according to the requirements of washing
    Wrong: It is normal for a bit of color loss!
    Wrong: It should not be washed normally!
    Wrong: How did you wash it?
    Wrong: I have never encountered this situation!
    Wrong: Why is there always such a problem 1
    Wrong: Oh! It's really troublesome!
    pair: (normal fading) In fact, the texture and organizational method of each fabric are not the same. In order to highlight the characteristics of some styles, some styles are used to use some kind of fabric False coloring is normal, which will make the color look more natural, so you can rest assured that this is normal. If it is really a quality problem, we will definitely serve you in place!
    right: (exchanges) Thank you very much to tell me this situation! I'm really sorry to cause your trouble. I will report to the company immediately. Come, please sit down here, I will help you handle it right away!
    yes: (no exchange, inquiry the reason) Oh, it's really bad! Please sit a little, drink a glass of water first, let's take a look at the situation! How did your fading situation happen?
    . Will this clothes shrink? (Will the color fall?)
    Wrong: No! Our cloth does not shrink!
    Wrong: When you wash it, pay attention, don't use it to wash it!
    Wrong: It will shrink a little, and the cotton will have a little shrinkage
    Wrong: It should not be
    wrong: rest assured, you will tell you
    Wrong: No Will
    yes: You can rest assured, because this is ----- fabric, so you wo n’t happen, you can wear it safely.
    yes: yes! This is indeed to pay attention, because the advantage of the fabric is ----- to pay attention to it when you wear ---- Pay attention when washing --------- -Stherium not only will there be a problem of shrinking, but it is also particularly bright and beautiful to wear.
    right: You can rest assured that as long as you do n’t have machine washing, this fabric will not shrink!

  2. In the final stage of the upcoming transaction, many salespersons are most afraid of hearing the customer saying "let me think about it again" and "I have to think about it." This is almost a signal that customers cannot come back to buy again. Therefore, many salesperson will be disappointed after hearing this, and it is helpless. There are many reasons why customers delay:
    1. Using uniqueness for value shaping: Things are rare and expensive, and all people have something that will not get. Unique customer psychology can be used in sales.
    The following is the "uniqueness" of the "uniqueness":
    "This product has been sold more than 50,000 sets, and there are not much inventory now!"
    "This is our brand this year The latest models on the market are no longer available in other stores, there are only a few in our store. "
    " This is the latest model launched by our brand. There are only two in our store. It is recommended that you see it. See. "
    2. Buying for a limited time: Although many customers need to buy clothing, they are not in a hurry. The root cause is that he has no sense of urgency because he is not in a hurry to wear, so let customers have a sense of urgency. The sense of crisis can be traded with customers in a short time. If you can create a sense of "crisis" and make customers feel that they need this product immediately, then customers are likely to buy your product.
    The business of some merchants use the method of "snapping up for a limited time, only to buy one for each person", which can also promote customers to determine early.
    The special merchants for the special sale of "thank you old customers". On the first day, 10 % off and 50 % off the next day. The clothes you want must have stocks, so the products are often sold on the third and fourth days.
    3. Remind customers to pay attention to a certain period of time
    If the customer's excuse: "I have to wait for a while", you can tell him:
    "I'm glad you make a wise decision. However, our promotion time is only two days. If you decide immediately, you can get the discount price of this product. There is no discount when it is late, it costs more and more money ... "
    " This gentleman, today It is our store celebration. All clothing buys 200 and gets 50, 300 will be bought, and the clothing on this counter is to buy one get one free, which is really cost -effective! Over tomorrow, the machine must not be lost! " n4. Remind customers to pay attention to something
    "You see, this is a newly listed clothing. Today is Mother's Day, do you not buy a mother for your mother?"
    Customers can say, "This is a famous fabric here, which is well -known. It is not easy for you to travel on a business trip." If you say this, the possibility of a customer delay is very small.
    5. Make a decision for the customer
    It in a clothing store, a customer fancy a skirt and try it to try it. She was receiving her a new clothing salesman who did not know what to do. Seeing this situation, the manager went to the front desk to issue a small ticket, handed the small ticket to the clothing sales staff and watched it. The sales staff quickly reacted, handed the small tickets to the customer: "Miss, hello, please go to the cashier to pay." The customer took the small ticket and hesitated slightly, but still followed the clothing sales staff to the cashier Walk ...
    It customers may buy clothes for others, so they often refuse to make a decision to buy when they are fancy. At this time, you can also master customers.
    Customer: "I like this very much, but I don't know if my mother -in -law likes this color, and whether the size is appropriate, otherwise I will take her to buy it next time." : "Ah, are you going to give your mother -in -law as a birthday gift? You are really filial! Then I think this big red is more suitable. Give her a surprise. If the size is not suitable, you can change it at any time. "
    6. n "I know that your time is very precious, and I believe you will think that my time is equally valuable. Therefore, I really hope you can give me a positive answer."
    7. Some customers are particularly difficult to deal with. If the sales staff does not agree with his conditions, they will say "then, then, I am going to leave" and the like to apply pressure. He believes that after exerting pressure, the sales staff will agree to his conditions.
    The no concessions for such customers. They can only strive for reason, but let him come down from the step of "not buying". You can say this:
    "Sir, are going, don't regret it tomorrow, the price will rise tomorrow!"
    "" Sir, don't be busy, first issue an order list, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it, to reach it. You will save more trouble after you come. How about it? "
    Is that after you use such a language, such customers will not leave, not to leave. In this way, you will give him "a army", and he will talk to you.
    If the customer is really urgent, you can deal with them like this:
    "Mr., do you like and want to buy our products, do you see this? Come to get the goods again, how about paying at that time? "
    of course, to do anything specific to do anything. It is also delayed, and different customers have different reasons. If the customer emphasizes: "I won't make a decision today, because I still need to consider it." Then, it doesn't make any sense to urge him to make a decision. You should say, "Well, when can you make a decision?" After getting the reply, tell him: "Okay, I will call you when I get it."
    is Yi Qianxue for you The organized clothing sales skills and words, I hope to help you.

  3. What are the clothing sales skills

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