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  1. Now the loan agency should be done well, simply ............ Line and sink.
    The bank small loan for twenty years of flying knife. Many friends do loan agencies. They are very familiar and have a strong say.
    1, online
    Msmoving has entered the era of science and technology, big data, customer group portraits, and precision marketing are common things. Telephone marketing, sweeping buildings are all past practices, and it must be finished.
    The loan intermediary on the one hand needs to help banks get customers, obtain customers in batches, use data mining, use data to open bank products, obtain customized products, and push to customer base. This is a way out.
    The loan agency needs to be a fixed group on the one hand. Modern customers are already savvy, and it is difficult to obtain customers as simple as before. Without certain data support, random marketing customers, the success rate is too low, the time is invested, the customer cannot be obtained, it is difficult to have benefits.
    Is for telephone marketing, strange visiting customers are getting more and more difficult.
    2, sinking
    The loan agency is mainly to supplement banks, and select banks with many banks and customers.
    The red sea customer group needs to be avoided, and the blue ocean is discovered. This requires the sinking of the customer base.
    The vulgarity in the customer base is to intervene in relatively similar customers. Risk control methods are recommended to banks, funds, small loan companies.
    The new era, loan agency is not difficult, it is a traditional intermediary mode. Obtaining customers with old ways, marketing is the carving of swords in the new era. Go online and sink is a good way.
    The credit experience of Flying Knife Bank for 20 years, welcome everyone to communicate.
    I I live in Xi'an, and probably talk about the current bank loan of Xi'an. Since March 2020, Xi'an has been regulating house prices, and has also upgraded the purchase restriction policy. Until now, as long as the first set of loans is still 60%of the down payment, up to two sets require 70%down payment. The strictest is the price limit policy introduced in July this year. The guidance price was introduced in two batches of more than 200 popular communities. The guidance price was basically only about 70%of the market price. -6 months, the Xi'an property market has passed the "cold winter" in advance.
    The previous lending cycle is about 7-15 working days, and a set of mortgage orders is usually completed in one month to one and a half months. Now it takes 3-6 months just, which means that you have finished a list. The procedures take at least 4 months, and the owner is generally unwilling to sell it at a guidance price, but now the loan is loaned at the guidance price. This has a contradiction between the difference. For example, such as the most popular community in Xi'an, the East Roman Garden, the total price of 40 square meters is about 880,000, but the guidance price is about 760,000, which means that the highest loan is calculated at 70%of 70%. Based on the basis of 120,000 differences, the down payment of customers in the invisible customers has increased by 10 % to 20 %. Intermediaries under such a market environment and loan policy are really miserable.
    First of all, the transaction volume decreased significantly. From the transaction volume of 8000-10000 per month from March to April, there is only three or four thousand transactions per month. Resign. Secondly, the lending cycle is extended to 3-6 months. It means that each mortgage list is opened for half a year or even longer to get the money. It is said that the old intermediary has no base salary. Newcomers can't see hope. Many real estate companies cannot return money, which has caused many individual stores to close. Even large chain intermediary companies are closing the door and the store. The intermediary industry calls it "holding the group to warm".
    The two roads in front of the intermediary at this stage: First, timely stop loss and change the industry. According to the full statistics, more than 10,000 intermediaries have left in Xi'an since July 2021. More than 80%of intermediaries directly convert the industry. After all, everyone has home to raise, and many people have recovered with the real estate industry. The mentality of returning.
    It is to persist hard and focus on the new house. Most of these intermediaries have been doing it for a long time. I have seen the ups and downs of the real estate market and have confidence in their professional knowledge. In addition, the investment volume of new houses is increased. At present, the new house market in Xi'an is basically not affected. There are also many real estate and intermediary cooperation. This is an opportunity for the intermediary to open orders. It also created the scene of the intermediary of a real estate in the subway entrance of Nanyuhuazhai in the city in the middle of the night to help customers line up.
    mad is the situation of poor credit reporting mentioned in the question. Now that society has developed into an era of early consumption, and everywhere is encouraging "spending tomorrow's money, fulfilling today's dream". Coupled with the increasingly civilianization of credit cards, borrowings, white bars, and various small loan companies, the lending is flooding. Many customers, especially young customers, do not pay attention to the "Three tired Six" banks of credit reporting. This not only makes customers block the house by themselves, but also allows the intermediaries to do useless work, which is also the reason why the intermediary industry is not good.
    The bank loan policy is closely related to national policies, so this is not static. What everyone can do is to understand the policies and maintain good credit, in order to prepare from time to time.
    It look at the comments of other friends, analyze the loan industry, that is, how to help the loan industry go on! First of all, I think that fintech, online and offline combination is an inevitable trend, because based on the domestic economic situation, all financial institutions have reduced the requirements of the customer group, that is, good products are not short of. Then how to get customers and where to obtain customers, the cost of obtaining customer acquisition is the key to thinking. Based on the rectification of traditional electricity sales, the disadvantage of the Mo Bai's labor cost, low per capita customer acquisition efficiency, etc. The transformation of online platforms is inevitable. Secondly, we need to change the traditional intermediary's high profits and profit thinking. In the future, we must be a conventional business model with low profits and even no profit, and then make profits by digging the business model. I have a ten -year entrepreneurial experience and welcome to communicate. In the future, the industry must survive is large -scale. Players with platforms
    The pain points in the loan intermediary industry are not difficult to obtain customers, but the current customer qualifications are generally too bad. Without paying the money, the intermediary has no commission, busy. On weekdays, there are many customers who are very busy but really can be released at the end. The salesperson is busy.
    It to formulate your own plan, it is best to choose a main business unit and a sideline business. Continuous returns, such as POS,
    Id the main business is the main business and banking loan. The time is relatively idle. I have chosen the right foreign exchange platform. I have my own team for two years. There are passive income every month. Even if the main business does not make money, there is a side business.
    The intermediary
    The existence is reasonable.
    The bridge of both sides as the bridge between the two sides.
    It as long as you improve your professional ability, as well as the internal connections of the bank,
    and the reputation.
    control risk.
    It with the great development of the financial industry, there is a lot of
    In fact, there are many private institutions that are not available for private institutions, but the funds of state -owned state -owned enterprises are still fine, which may be conducive to the business of these assets. Of course Now the interest rate that has just been changed is not a few
    mortgraments of 0.5 receipt points, and it is strenuous. Many people go directly to the bank, collect the agency fee, one dead end,
    read a lot of speeches. Then I borrowed my friends to share with me that my friend was a bank credit manager before, and then left the intermediary because of treatment and other issues, and the sadness of the sourness in it.
    The people will think that this industry should be very profitable. In fact, otherwise, the quality of a loan intermediary must be professional and efficient. Speaking of simple, it is actually not easy. If a client, the credit is good and the qualifications are good. Where do you think he can't get a loan? There is only one reason to find an intermediary, information ,,, yes, it is information.
    The intermediary must accurately know the risk standards of each bank (each one is different), so as to accurately serve customer service, and the way to obtain customer acquisition is also very important. Usually, Mo Bai accumulated or introduced.
    Is as for the title, let me have a standard answer. From the docking bank products, talk about customers, and customer acquisition, only one of these three modes can be selected, because the energy is limited, and then refined (also known as deep cultivation), any any of them, any any of them. One is the ultimate, enough to make your food and food worry -free
    The loan agency industry is so fierce, how to survive? Analyze from two pieces to the next: Internal: Improve the overall professionalism and quality of employees, and develop well -developed channels. Two: External: For the dedication of the customer group (unified), do not deceive the guests

    : The overall quality and professional knowledge of domestic demand improves the overall quality and professional knowledge of the employees. channel.
    Is who need to financing now, who has no two or three intermediary loan commissioners in WeChat? So this gives guests a high degree of contrast. That is, when the service that the guest can enjoy is the same, what will he compare? It must be the impression of the commissioner directly in contact with him to measure the credibility of your company from this. Especially big customers, even if the cost is higher, he will give priority to reliable. And when your employees are very professional, even different industries can talk to guests, so the first time in the early stage can talk to customers well, remember: your first impression on the customer has even occupied it More than 30 % of the transaction ratio.
    Is why it is said to increase different ways of pioneering? Now that the era of forklifts and calls outside the phone, it has passed, because it will be tired. Think about who's mobile phones do not often receive sales calls? Therefore, it is necessary to combine modern online channels, such as robots, text messages, online advertising, and so on. It is a good way. There is a saying: Capital to promote production capacity and production capacity to create more capital!

    : The product is dedicated and honestly treats each customer
    What is product dedication? It is only when you are mortgaged and only look for credit customer groups. Because you have to remember: you will not work for more than 14 hours a day, and your energy is limited. You want to deal with this problem and to deal with other types of problems. You will be tired and may finally lose. There is no watermelon and mung beans left. And when the products you make are dedicated, the feeling of giving guests will be different (such as the two people who send mortgage products and two people who send mortgage products every day, you must choose the first one) Of course To give up other types of guests, when guests hold the materials to your company, in fact, the conversion solution is relatively easy.
    The last point: Don't deceive guests. Of course, you have to have a little sales skills, but the one that you can't return in the early stages of lies in the early stage is not a skill. As a sale, you have to expect the old customers to introduce the focus of the later period. If you dedicate to it, the company will do it very tired in the future and can only continue to develop new customers.
    Thank you for reading!

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