How can Bao Ma who is out of touch with the society re -adapt to workplace life?

Is there any way to make the postpartum mother adapting faster?

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  1. One \ goal is very important. To determine what you need and pursue
    , as a "old man" in the workplace, full -time mothers really need to face many resistance and difficulties. The study and accumulation of new knowledge needs to take into account children, family and work. Various problems will make the way to the job search for full -time mothers more difficult.
    . So, as a full -time mother who resolutely intend to return to the workplace, what you need to be most needed is what your goal and pursuit are.
    1. Are you looking forward to fighting the workplace again? Or do you just have a job that supports his family, settle down, and enrich yourself?
    . Do you hope that the working environment is loose and the work pressure is not great? Or can I accept frequent overtime and business trips?
    . Do you have to engage in the industry and occupation that have worked in the past? Or can you challenge some occupations that are not strict in professional and technical requirements, such as real estate agencies?
    . Are you willing to invest enough time to learn the professional knowledge of new industry fields?
    . What level is your salary expectation? Which industries may be able to match? Can your own ability be achieved?
    6. What are the requirements for work? It doesn't matter if you can take care of your home near home, or take a bus two or three hours a day?
    The more clearly and deeper these problems can we make more fulfilling care of career planning.

    It two \ Do a good job of market research. Opportunity to get the same job treatment as before.
    The at the time, you must do a good job of investigating the target industry, understand the business characteristics of enterprises in these industries, the needs of recruitment positions, the requirements of personnel ability, and the requirements of professional knowledge, so that you are prepared to be prepared for yourself. Come, it can increase the chance of employer to recruit you.
    The desire and power to keep learning
    Whether you go back to work after finishing the identity of the full -time mother, or start a company by yourself, or be a freelancer like me, you need to keep yourself constantly Learning and improvement, the work of full -time mothers is indeed very monotonous, but it must not be deserted with your learning ability. Once you determine the work you want to do in the future, it is recommended to start learning and knowledge accumulation in related fields as soon as possible.

  2. How can Bao Ma who is out of touch with the society re -adapt to workplace life? This problem is very realistic.
    The so -called Baoma is a housewife with children. Some women did not work again after they got married. They concentrated on bringing their children and lived a life of housewives.
    Waiting for the child to go to elementary school or even in junior high school, there may be such a reason. I want to re -enter the workplace, but how can a mother who has been disconnected from the society for so many years, how to re -adapt to the workplace?

    The hit drama "My First Half Life" some time ago, Luo Zijun played by Ma Yili, when he was used to Mrs. Kuo, was sunbathing every day and exposed luxury, but because of her husband's betrayal , Divorced by a paper, lay off Fanchen.
    In order to fight for her son's custody and life, she must find a job to prove that she can support herself and her son. However, she couldn't. Even her mother didn't believe she could support herself.
    . She also wants to live on her own ability. However, it is not so easy to jump out of the comfort zone at once, and it is not so easy to jump out of the comfort zone at once.
    Fortunately, she still has a good girlfriend, and fortunately, there are people like He Han to help her. Of course, this is not the most important. The main thing is that she has this potential, and through her own efforts and persistence, it inspires it.
    It first found a job of a supermarket waiter. This job was very hard and had to laugh at it. Although it was very hard, she was fired by the customer's complaint. Obviously, this job was not suitable for her Essence
    In the job of a luxury commissioner of a senior shopping mall, this job is obviously more suitable for her. Because of her previous life, she knows very much about luxury goods. The means of communication finally made achievements.
    As for further success in later, we can not read it.
    Why can Luo Zijun succeed? The most important thing is that she found her position, fully utilized her advantages, and was able to persist and learn, and courageous to step out of her comfort zone and dare to make breakthroughs.

    So how does Baoma re -adapt to workplace life? Here, we can get the answer.
    First, we must have a clear understanding of yourself, organize and analyze your own advantages, and clarify your positioning.
    The second, courage to get out of your own comfort zone, dare to break through, dare to persist, and be able to learn and improve yourself.
    Third, we must have a strong mind and firm belief. We must have enough preparations for the difficulties you may encounter. We must have determination and ability to overcome difficulties.
    For Baoma, it is very difficult to re -adapt to workplace life and integrate into society. We do not force everyone to be as successful as Luo Zijun, but like Luo Zijun, we are ready to be capable and intelligent, and dare to break through. Dare to persist, and will eventually succeed.

  3. Bao Ma has left the workplace for a long time because of pregnancy and cultivation. At this time, whether it is in the workplace ability or body management, it has no advantage. Therefore, if you want to return to the workplace again, you must work hard to return to the state before leaving the workplace, work hard to improve yourself, and start from the following aspects.

    Me your body, exercise more, and restore the figure as the beginning. Because in the workplace, you must not only have good ability, but also have a good state and figure, because this is the embodiment of your own ability. If you are a man with a bloated figure, your colleagues and partners will feel that you are a person with weak self -control ability, and then you are not optimistic about you in all aspects.

    It is to pay more attention to some things that happened in the workplace, so that you have already derailed with the society, and return to the society. What are the elements, what is the stylish dress style, what is bright dress, and so on. The most important point is to pick up the previous specialties and professional knowledge again, and it is important to notice that if you can only reach your current level, it may be difficult to find a job in society.

    Because the current society is likely to be completely different when you just leave, no matter which field you need to remember, you must re -work, you must be right. There is a new understanding and understanding in this field. Moreover, Bao Ma entered the workplace again, and it is no different from the newcomer. No matter if you have done two levels before, you must have the determination and patience to start again. Survive.

  4. Bao Ma restarts to work again. First of all, you must not be afraid of suffering. Just join a work team. You have to integrate into everyone. Don't affect work, because you always ask you if you are just going to work? Secondly, do not bring your emotions to work when you work. It is easy to relax. If you do n’t understand, you must ask you. Everyone likes you, so that you will soon adapt to workplace life. This is just some of my ethics at work, hoping to help Bao Ma who is disconnected from society to re -adapt to workplace life. Thank you for your answer!

  5. Yangwa's economic pressure is high. If you only make money by your husband alone, it is difficult to support the whole family, so many Baoma wait for postpartum recuperation, and will return to the workplace. On the one hand To realize your own life value, it can be described as one stone. But postpartum is no more than before childbirth. After all, there is an additional baby that affects the heart of Baoma. I believe that if the baby is not arranged in advance, it is difficult for Baoma to work hard. So before returning to the workplace, what should Baoma do to make herself more at ease.

    The baby for baby

    is the baby's dietary problem. Everyone knows that babies need a lot of nutrition in the process of growth and development, such as breast milk. If you want your baby to grow up healthy, you need to let your baby eat frequently, but if the mother is going to work in the workplace, then it may not be able to breastfeed the baby on time. In this way, the baby's physical development will be hindered. It is very serious. If the mothers want to solve this problem, they can prepare some good materials in advance, storage bags with sterilization and sterilization to store breast milk, so that when Baoma returns back to the workplace, if the baby is hungry, you can drink breast milk in time. Essence

    . In addition, Baoma must not pay attention to her image problem when she wants to go to work. Considering the image, Bao Ma is better to wear a perfectly shaped breastfeeding underwear. Of course, in addition to shaping, the fabric and comfort of the underwear are also important. Bao Ma should choose carefully.

    The exercise to restore the body

    Berebage, Baoma only needs to take care of the child at home. After my own work, I have to take care of their children and housework after getting home from work. In this case, Baoma's body is easy to eat. Therefore, if Baoma wants to go back to work after giving birth, she should start exercising in advance to avoid disconnection after work.

    adjustment of the mentality

    . After giving birth to a child, because of busy and tired, the mentality will become very bad. When she is at home, her family will take care of her. But the company is different. No one has the obligation to take care of your mood, and no one should tolerate you everywhere. If you do n’t do anything, you need to accept criticism and accusations of others. Therefore, if Baoma wants to return to the workplace, she needs to prepare psychological preparations in advance and adjust her mentality.

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