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  1. 1. Lily.com
    Lily.com is a wedding dating service website, a subsidiary of Beijing Lily Online Technology Co., Ltd. Lily's offline physical store industry is the lead. As of July 2020, 100 city physical stores were opened across the country. The accelerated expansion of offline physical stores has increased its impact on Lily.com.
    2, Zhenai.com
    The online phone blind date mode for true love saves a lot of time for many white -collar workers on the way to select goals. However, in order to provide a large number of members with telephone blinds, if there is no certain number of blind date teams, it is difficult to maintain the normal operation of the website.
    3, hi media officer
    Them media official APP is an online blind date software specially created for single people launched by Shenzhen Hi Media Officer Marriage Consultation Service Co., Ltd.. Provide a platform for most of the young men and women of marriage to understand and love each other. It is no longer restricted by regional, time and endpoints, and has made significant contributions to improving social happiness and building a harmonious society.
    Chat media officers are a traditional marriage company. The Hi Mercy Officer APP is a marriage service platform that can really help people get married. The super high blind date power has become a magic weapon for the premium officer's curve.
    4, Century Jiayuan
    Century Jiayuan is the first online wedding website. Compared with the wedding website, it is more inclined to make friends. Therefore, it gathered a large number of members in a short period of time. Even now, it is the website with the largest number of registered members.
    5, Momo
    Momo is a geographical -based open mobile video social application. It was launched by Nasdaq in August 2011. It is an open social platform in China. In Momo, you can show yourself through videos, texts, sounds, and pictures, find people nearby according to geographical location, and establish a real, effective and healthy social relationship. The vision of strangers is to hope that people can discover the beauty and novelty around the mobile Internet, so that people can contact the person who should be contacted.
    6. Exploration
    explore is a social application based on big data intelligent recommendations and new interactive models. Explore according to the user's personal information, location, hobbies and other information, calculate and push the person you match with you to help users meet new friends they like.

  2. According to the survey, there are still many boys and women in my country now. Of course So what are the reliable blind date platforms? Which one is more reliable? Let ’s list the relevant information. Let’ s take a look.

    . What are the reliable blind date platforms

    1, Century Jiayuan

    This blind date platform is still very good, and the reputation in the industry is also very loud Of course, through the blind date of the Century Jiayuan platform, the corresponding fee must be given, but for the fact that the other party's information is true, it is taken for granted that some membership fees are paid.

    2, Zhenai.com

    This platform is also well -known in my country, and then there are many advertisements in the TV. If you want to find objects on this website, you must become their Members, of course, have to pay membership fees when becoming a member.

    3, there are some other niche blind date and flat -dating platforms, but it is recommended that you still find a platform with a higher popularity, which is more reliable. If you find the niche See if the information recommended in it is true.

    Okay, the editor of the reliable blind date platform is introduced here first. Although the general blind date platform must be paid for membership, it is necessary to know that the charge is more trustworthy. In addition brand.

    . Which one is more reliable on Lily.com or Zhenai.com

    1, everyone knows that these two blind date platforms know very well. They have their own advantages with Zhenai.com, and they are not comparable, and their reputation in my country is very loud.

    2, and the two dating platforms of Lily.com and Zhenai.com are almost the same time. Of course, if the grade point of view, Lily.com is more high -end. And Zhenai.com is relatively ordinary and more popular.

    3, so you have to decide in combination with your own actual situation. Whether it is more appropriate to choose Lily.com or Zhenai.com. If you want to find a white -collar class, you can use Lily.com. If you want to find a public, you can choose Zhenai.com the same, don't be too tangled.

    This summary: What are the reliable blind date platforms introduced to you?

  3. I usually do n’t like to go out and I ca n’t get exposed to the opposite sex, but after all, the boss is not small. From time to time, I will ask my love situation from time to time. It is quite embarrassing. I feel that I am getting older and may have to go on a blind date. Later, under the recommendation of colleagues, I decided to find some blind date platforms. I accidentally used a partnership platform, and tried it with a casual mentality. An identity card can only have one account, and it is less than 18, and the married person must not be used! This is not afraid of being deceived by others! It also uses information review. Each display of the display of the information will need to be displayed after being reviewed. There will be no non -personal image photos to ensure the authenticity of the user! Now in this era of the Internet, the authenticity of the information is really rare Well, ok, wipe

  4. I want to get married
    Actually free love is the best
    can also let colleagues and friends introduce blind dates
    The multicast website or wedding agency centers are all deceiving
    let you pay you first
    Is to be successful in the blind date

  5. If you want to get married, you can go to the blind date, let your relatives, friends, and colleagues introduce you. Generally, the websites of blind dates are not very reliable.

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