1 thought on “Give customer gift recommendations for the Mid -Autumn Festival”

  1. Hairy crabs, tea, white wine, red wine.
    The business gifts on tall can attract customers' attention and promote business cooperation.
    The meat of Yangcheng Lake is tender, delicious, and nutritious. Compared with other crabs or water gifts, the water contains less water, and it contains rich nutritional ingredients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamin A. Before eating crabs, it is best to choose a large, full -limb, and strong mobility crab. If your client is a big food, the food of hairy crabs will definitely impress his heart.
    Monthly cake. Recommended reason: Mid -Autumn Festival moon cakes are essential, but the moon cake is also sent to send new ideas! You can combine tea and moon cakes
    , it is a good choice!

    red wine Essence Recommended reason: If the customer likes to drink, you can send red wine to the customer. Red wine is a healthy wine. Drinking red
    The wine has many benefits to the human body. In the Mid -Autumn Festival, the customer took out the red wine you gave one day, and could not help but think of the scene at the Mid -Autumn Festival
    -at this time, the meaning of "gift" was really explained to the best.
    The exquisite crafts. Recommended reason: If you feel that you eat too old, you can send some more elegant crafts. At the same time, you can design a design pattern and text on the crafts
    This, print with blessings, break the traditional gift mode, completely different from other gifts.

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