Serving the profit of the hotel washing plant.

In Yan'an, Shaanxi, the washing cost of a hotel room supplies was about a little more than the three yuan (about 3.2). Please analyze the profit of a set of supplies. This market is suitable for investing without experience.

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  1. In fact, I feel that the middle profit is more and less depends on your operation. Analyze the specific situation and analyze how many competitors you have in this industry, how their own situation, and the relationship between their common customer base. Basically the difference between your hardware will not be too large, which requires you to make an article on the software. To do a good job of relationships with the person in charge of the hotel and the business -related parties, your business will develop better, so that the profit can be higher (at least it should not be less than 30%). Of course, money is not you alone What you can earn should not be all of your own, at least some of them have to be taken out. The pursuit of business is the maximization of profits. Promising. I don't know if it is useful to answer like this, please refer to it.

  2. 1. First of all, how low your three pieces!
    2, followed by the cost of washing grass, the cost of water and detergent can not be used alone. In fact, these are small parts, and the biggest part comes from transportation! Many people may ignore this problem. It is roughly calculated. Washing is so low and make money? However, the transportation cost of picking up grass every day may actually take a lot of costs. If the distance is close, it is okay to say that if the pickup runs the city, it is estimated that all profits will be consumed under the wheels! Intersection
    3, this market, my opinion is not suitable for people without experience to do. The reason is that it seems as simple as washing clothes, but it involves daily chemical technology. After a period of washing, the grass is yellow, gray, and dim ... This is not a non -professional solution. There are also a lot of stain removal technology and so on.
    Anyway, be cautious!

  3. 3 more profits are a bit low, about 20-30%.%Of washing plants to invest in a small and minimum of 100,000. The profit is okay.

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