What kind of shower room is good?

The bathroom in the family should be decorated. What kind of shower room is good?

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  1. Choose this shower room like this, let you fall in love with this little thing to take a bath
    The many families hope to have an independent bathing space, but due to the limited bathroom space, you can only put the bathing facilities and sanitary ware in one room. The shower room makes full use of the corner of the room and clearly divides the shower range with fence or glass, so there is a shower room in the mouth.
    What are the benefits of bathroom design?
    1, separation of wet and dry partitions. When using the shower, the water will not splash to wet the ground. It avoids the trouble of rubbing the toilet after each bath, reducing the workload of cleaning after bathing. Reduce the moisture of the bathroom and reduce the breeding of bacteria. At the same time, the service life of the bathroom cabinet and bathroom door was extended.
    2, decorative insulation. The use of shower rooms in winter has the effect of insulation, making people feel more comfortable and warm.
    3, independent bath space. Most of the residential and bathrooms of our residents and the washing room are together to install bathrooms to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life.
    4, save space. The bathroom design of the bathroom is more space -saving than installing a bathtub, and the bathing is more convenient and comfortable and hygienic.
    Reminder: If you install a shower room, you must determine according to the size of your bathroom. The shower room not only reduces the workload of cleaning after bathing, but also increases the life of the bathroom cabinets and bathroom door.

    The shower room also has its deficiencies
    1. It is troublesome to take care of. If the glass made of glass is not cleaned in time after bathing, a layer of white water -alkali will be formed on the glass soon. You must use a professional cleaning agent to clean the water and alkali.
    2. Bathing space is limited. The space of the shower room is generally standard size. The ordinary shower room is a little narrow for people with tall and burly figures. It is easy to touch the glass wall or other places when bathing.
    3. Investment is large. The cost of installing the shower room is calculated according to the area. Usually, the minimum cost of installing a standard size shower room is more than 2,000 yuan.
    The main point of buying, quality is guaranteed
    For the bathroom used in our family, first, it is required that its quality should be guaranteed. Bathroom. If you choose inferiority, it is not easy to rust, but it cannot be discharged from the heat inside. In severe cases, the glass explosion occurs. Therefore, you must choose quality assurance. See if there is a national CCC certification label and the trademark of the product outside it. This is the primary condition for choice in terms of safety and performance.
    M material
    The material use will also bother many citizens. In response to this problem, the bathrooms that appear on the market generally use tempered glass. This is because its intensity will be higher in comparison. Even if it is broken Therefore, we can ensure our personal safety to the greatest extent. The toughness of general glass will not be too good, and it is easy to break. If the skin encounters a sharp place, it will inevitably cause damage.
    The thickness
    How is the thickness of the shower room? Generally speaking, it will be better with 8mm thickness. Simple bathing room is not a completely closed space. It mainly relies on the upper and lower materials to achieve a fixed effect. Therefore, there will be strict requirements for thickness. In order not to cause the frame to loosen, the sliding door will fall off the ground and the injured accident. Therefore, the thickness of 8mm is more reasonable. It has good pressure resistance. At the same time, it is not easy to shake the sliding door. When bathing, it can ensure personal safety.
    Then the structure of the entire bathing room
    In selection, if there is ready -made installation, check whether the entire structure is firm and signs of shaking. Whether the orbits above are sensitive and whether the door is opened and closed lightly. If their professionals go to your home for installation, they must also ensure the stability of the bathroom and avoid loosening.

    The quality of aluminum alloy is used, and its surface should also be treated with anticorrosive, rust, and oxidation. In this way, it is not easy to show signs of painting, and its structure will be relatively strong, and it is not easy to deform.
    The screws regularly
    The good sliding door track push up and smooth and durable. Pay attention to whether the aluminum frame and wall plate are stitched with the closed track. Otherwise, long -term push -switching collisions can easily take off the door. Pay attention to regular cleaning the sliding rail, add lubricant, adjust the screw to ensure the effective carrying and good sliding of the slider.
    This doors are convenient to clean up
    This sliding doors need to pay attention to the quality of the pulley when opening and turn off. A high -quality sliding door will be fixed instantly without the phenomenon of excessive amplitude, and the quality of the pulley is quality. The door that is not available will shock a few times before it is really fixed.
    The special attention to push the sliding door within a month. If it is just installed smoothly, it has a problem after a period of time, indicating that the quality of the sliding door is not very good. In terms of cleaning, it is important to note that below the door frame with the door frame, the most likely hidden sloping door orbit. Some quality shower doors will pay great attention to the convenience of the track cleaning. After pushing the door tablets from a specific angle, the door sheet and the lower orbital can be separated, easy to clean, and easily load back to their original position.
    The shower room looks very simple, but it is the most likely to leak water. Where there is a problem, the design of the shower room is unreasonable, which also directly affects your daily shower feel. The sealing accessories are not durable, and whether the glass is safe is a characteristic of an excellent shower room.

  2. Followed
    Themopida shower room is the most common type, especially for those small houses, we can separate our own bathroom, the general position of the bathroom is used as a shower room, and the other half placed toilet to a toilet place. Essence
    Themontal shower room and square shower room are roughly the same, but the bathroom space used in the rectangular shower room is relatively large, and the bathroom will become a place where the side is dry and wet, which effectively solves the bathroom. The problem of wet and wet separation, then we add a sliding door to the rectangular shower room, so that the moist air can be separated in the shower room.
    diamond -shaped
    diamond -shaped shower room looks very beautiful, and it is also made in one corner of your own bathroom. Diamond -shaped shower rooms do not have as many corners of the side corner of the shower room. Therefore, it is relatively safe to use, and it will not cause some dangerous problems, but the cost of making such production is relatively high, and it is relatively troublesome to make.
    arc -shaped
    It the arc -shaped shower room is a kind of use more times now, because it can solve the problem of separation and wetness of small apartment toilets, and he has no ridges and angles, and naturally it will not cause it to cause it will not cause it. Naturally, it will not cause it. Dangerous, but this design method is the highest decoration cost.
    The decoration shower room is to solve the problem of dry and wet separation in the bathroom. It can be seen how important the dry and wet separation of the bathroom, so everyone must pay attention to it, otherwise it is likely to affect the health of the family when used.

  3. With the continuous improvement of living standards, our requirements for bathroom facilities are getting higher and higher. Now many families have installed shower rooms. I don’t know if everyone knows about this? The shower room is a separate shower compartment. Generally Place in the corner of the bathroom, and fix the shower range in the space of a brother. In this way, the water will not wet the entire bathroom during the bath, and it can also play a role in insulation in winter, which also saves space. So what shower room is good? Let ’s recommend the shower room of the top ten brands to you.
    Dri DelicAcy
    The Top Ten Brand of Shower House, the main makers of the shower room industry standards. The company was founded in 1996. For more than ten years, Deli has always focused on custom shower rooms Design and manufacturing, are committed to providing high -end custom shower room products with international design style, personalization and reliable quality for people who are pursuing high -quality life, so that millions of families can enjoy more fashionable modern shower life.
    Foshan City Family Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of shower houses, a well -known domestic bathroom home private industry, a specialized in bathroom product design, manufacturing and sales in one. Private modern joint -stock enterprises are affiliated with Hua Najia Group, a well -known domestic enterprise.
    Dima DIMA
    Zhongshan Dima Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the company is a leader in the Chinese ceramic mold industry, Sanjin Group, the top ten brands of shower room, established in 1998, producing simple shower with simple shower House -based, focusing on the development, manufacturing and sales of mid -to -high -end, personalized shower room products.
    ORANS ORANS Sanitary Water was founded in 1998. Oh Lusha Co., Ltd., well -known sanitary ware brand, Shanghai brand -name product, industry standard draft unit, integrated/artisticization High -tech enterprises that integrate, production and sales of humanized sanitary products.
    The arrow bathroom ARROW
    The Yuehua Ceramics with Lehua Ceramics with Rancies and ARROW in Shunde District, Foshan City. It is a strong and influential comprehensive bathroom brand in China. Founded in 1994, the ten major brands of bathroom sanitary ware , Famous Brand Products in Guangdong Province, a larger domestic construction sanitary ceramics manufacturing and sales enterprise.
    Is Haija SHKL
    The company in Galanjie, Foshan City, founded in May 2004, the leader of China's high -end solid wood bathroom cabinet industry, overall sanitary space solution provider, integrating bathroom cabinets, whole wood, whole wood Homes, shower rooms, ceramic cleansing, faucet, etc. The production, development and sales of overall household supplies in the overall home supplies.
    Langs Lens
    Zhongshan Langs Sanitary Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, the top ten brands of shower room, the chairman of Zhongshan Shower Room Industry, integrating shower room product research and development, production, marketing, and service. Large -scale comprehensive enterprise.
    Is Ideal
    Foshan ideal bathroom Co., Ltd., founded in 1987. The shower room industry standards are mainly formulated. They are committed to shower room design. One of the door manufacturing companies.
    Add the top ten brands of shower room with the maple bathroom (Changshu) Co., Ltd., established in 1995, integrates European and American crafts and fashion design into shower room products, professional design and development of large -scale shower products for shower products Modern production enterprise.
    Apolo APPOLLO
    Apollo (China) Co., Ltd., Apollo APPOLLO, began in 1996, China Shower House Chairman Unit, Vice Chairman of the China Hardware Association, and Chinese overall bathroom solution. Commercial, large modern enterprises integrating production and sales.
    This above is the relevant recommendation of the shower room. I believe that you have more reference when buying a shower room. While referring to the brand, everyone must also master some purchasing skills, such as seeing whether the glass is transparent, whether there is a 3C logo certification, the stability of the shower room lever, looking at the pulley, handle and other accessories to ensure that the product meets the humanization and so on. Essence The introduction of the shower room is here. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the Tuba Rabbit Decoration Network.

  4. 1. The vertical angle shower room
    The vertical angle shower room is the most designed form in daily life. From the shape, there are squares, arc -shaped, diamond -shaped shapes; the structure is divided into sliding doors, folding doors, shaft doors, etc.; It can make good use of the corner space of the bathroom, with a variety of changes in appearance, which can be suitable for different styles of decoration environment. The disadvantage is that it is relatively narrow and the air is lacking.
    2, corner shower room
    The corner shower room is a shape of multiple corners in the shape. Houses with irregular or small bathroom spaces solve this problem through corner shower room. It has a unique shape and can provide a comfortable shower space to the family while the shower.
    3, one -shaped shower room
    The width of some room types, or a bathtub, but the owner is unwilling to use a bathtub to choose a shower screen. One -shaped shower room is installed on the wall of the bathroom, separating a part of the shower space. The shape is simple and can open a space for the room in the wall, suitable for different bathroom structures. The disadvantage is that the shower screen lacks support, and needs to be carefully maintained.
    4, the arc -shaped shower room
    The arc shower room, whether it is the base or the shower screen is the shape of the arc, fully uses the rounded lines to make the entire arc shower room full of softness and warmth. feel. The arc shower room is as reduced as possible in the bathroom, which is a very suitable choice for a limited toilet.

  5. 1. Look at the glass
    ① See if the glass is transparent, there are defects such as miscellaneous and bubbles.
    The analytical analysis: The impure or craftsmanship of the glass material will cause the glass to have defects such as mixed spots and bubbles, and reduce the hardness and strength of the glass.

    ② See whether there are 3C logo certification on the glass original film.
    Brief analysis: 3C certification is the abbreviation of Chinese compulsory product certification. Shower room products cannot be sold without this logo.
    ③ Look at the full tempered glass fragments
    Brief analysis: According to the national standard tempered glass, the area of ​​the area of ​​50*50mm is more than 40 grains, 2. Hardness
    The analytical analysis: Shower room aluminum materials often need to support the weight of tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass. If the hardness and thickness are not good, the life of the shower will be short. Essence The thickness of the aluminum aluminum of qualified shower rooms is more than 1.2mm, and it needs to be more than 1.5mm on the rail hanging glass and aluminum. The hardness of aluminum can be tested by hand -pressed aluminum frames. Aluminum with a hardness of more than 13 degrees. It is difficult for adults to use hand pressure to deform.
    ② whether the surface of the aluminum material is smooth, there is no color difference and trachoma, and the smoothness of the section.
    The analytical analysis: When the second -hand waste aluminum is treated, the surface treatment is insufficient, there will be obvious color difference and trachoma, and the smoothness of the special section is dark.
    3. Look at the pulley
    ① Sealing the material of the pulley and the sealing of the wheel seat
    Brief analysis: The wheels of the pulley should use pressure -resistant and heavy materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high -end synthetic materials. The seal of the wheels is good, the water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheels is guaranteed.
    ② The coordination of the pulley and aluminum orbit
    Brief analysis: The pulley and the track should be tightly matched, the gap is small, and it is not easy to fall off when it is hit by external forces to avoid safety accidents.

    4. The offset installed will cause the glass of the wall to distort, thus the self -explosion of the glass. Therefore, the wall material must have the adjustment function of the vertical and horizontal direction, so that the aluminum material is combined with the twist of the wall and the installation, eliminating the twisted glass, and avoiding the self -explosion of the glass.
    5. Look at the stability of the shower room pull rod
    Brief analysis: The tie rod of the shower room is an important support for ensuring the stability of the frameless shower room. The hardness and intensity of the tie rod are an important guarantee for shower room resistance. It is recommended not to use telescopic trolley, and its strength is weak.
    6. n ③ Water density at the harmony — because of the movement, the water density is often not good
    ④ connection at the connection between the shower room and the stone base and the basin
    ⑤ View the sealing of the rubber strip and the rubber strip
    7: See whether the product design is humane
    Brief analysis: boutique frames, sealing magnetic strips, buffer devices, whether it is easy to clean, and detailed processing (whether the affiliated cover is complete and whether the feel is smooth).
    8: Differential acrylic materials
    The plates used in the shower room are mainly acrylic boards. It is understood that the glass silk used in some composite acrylic board contains formaldehyde, which is the source of the bathroom

    one. The method of distinguishing the Amaclactonic material is to check the inside of the shower room. If the back of the acrylic board is different from the front and rough, it belongs to the composite acrylic board. For example, some acrylic boards are used for long use time, and some of them will have small cracks. This is also the main reasons for some brands of shower rooms, and some are cheap.
    9: Automatic water storage shower room
    It automatic water storage shower room. The purpose is to store the water after the shower for use. The new type of utility type is added under the shower room with a sewage tank, the water inlet and drainage port are equipped with a water inlet and drainage port, and a water storage switch is set on the water inlet and drainage port; a water tank is installed on the shower room. The water outlet and outlet, the outlet is connected to the water inlet with the toilet; install a water pump on the upper water tank, and the pump pumping pipe and the water pipe are connected to the lower water tank and the water tank; The floating seeds of the water level are connected to the contact switch through the floating lever; the contact switch is connected to the circuit with the water pump with the pump. This utility model can automatically connect or disconnect the power supply of the water tank according to the changes in the water level of the water tank, complete the water tank automatic water storage, and then use the height gap to automatically provide water sources for the toilet.
    How to buy shower room
    (Hardware: Hand, pull rods, clips, wall clips, etc.)
    This of the tension, lever, and union of the shower room cannot be ignored, because the tempered glass If there is a small corner damaging the whole glass, it will burst automatically. High

    The shower room pays attention to the adjustment function design of the shower room. The deviation caused by cement and installation workers. Its hardware accessories are mostly copper and stainless steel accessories, which is best for 304 stainless steel. The important factor affecting the quality of copper parts is the quality of electroplating. All electroplating parts (including plastic parts) of the shower room must ensure the seven layers of electroplating. Reported by South Africa) and the third layer of copper plating (three different types of copper plated with different properties, the purpose is to clean it multiple times, and repair the small pinholes on the surface of the copper parts), the fourth layer of semi -nickel, five Layer -plated full -light nickel and six -layer nickel -plated front. (Because the surface of the nickel is honeycomb -shaped, nickels of different properties must be placed in different properties to correct each other. Quality problems such as holes); chrome -plated on the seventh layer to prevent corrosion prevention, improve hardness and abrasion resistance. The surface is treated with electrical paint, which is more abrasion and is not easy to scratch. The eighth layer is 12 hours of oil sealing to protect all coatings and ensure the service life of the plating layer and substrate. It does not appear bad phenomenon such as black spots, foaming, and departure.
    The stainless steel accessories are mainly good hardness, high load capacity, not easy to oxidize, beautiful high -end, easy maintenance, long service life. Many shower room manufacturers, pursuing maximum profits and affordable prices, 2 series of stainless steel. It has poor corrosion resistance and is easy to oxidize. The metal surface is constantly rusting, and its service life is greatly reduced.
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