Handling NSFW AI Chats: User Complaints and the 'Smash or Pass' Phenomenon


AI chatbots, particularly those designed for Not Safe For Work (NSFW) interactions, face unique challenges. One of these challenges includes addressing user complaints related to 'smash or pass' activities. 'Smash or pass' is a game where participants choose whether they would like to engage in intimate activities with someone based on their appearance or persona.

Understanding 'Smash or Pass'

What is 'Smash or Pass'? 'Smash or Pass' is a decision-making game often played online or in social settings. Participants are presented with images or descriptions of individuals and must decide if they would engage in a romantic or sexual encounter ('smash') with them or not ('pass'). The game, while seemingly harmless, can lead to objectification and inappropriate content, especially in online platforms.

AI and 'Smash or Pass' In the context of AI chatbots, 'smash or pass' can manifest in various forms. Users might engage with the AI in a game of 'smash or pass', or they might discuss such activities within the chat. This creates a dilemma for AI developers and moderators who need to balance user engagement with ethical and safe content guidelines.

User Complaints and AI Moderation

Types of Complaints User complaints related to 'smash or pass' activities in NSFW AI chats can range from concerns about inappropriate content to the AI's responses encouraging objectification. Such complaints are crucial as they reflect the users' expectations of a safe and respectful online environment.

AI Moderation Strategies To handle these complaints, AI chats incorporate various moderation strategies:

  1. Content Filtering: The AI is programmed to recognize and filter out inappropriate content related to 'smash or pass' activities.
  2. Response Guidelines: The AI follows strict guidelines on how to respond to 'smash or pass' related queries, often deflecting or discouraging such conversations.
  3. User Feedback Mechanisms: Platforms provide mechanisms for users to report uncomfortable or inappropriate interactions.
  4. Continuous Learning: AI systems continually learn from user interactions and complaints to improve their response to 'smash or pass' activities.

Ethical Considerations

Balancing User Engagement and Safety AI chat platforms must strike a balance between engaging users and ensuring a safe, respectful environment. This involves making tough decisions on content moderation and the extent of AI's involvement in potentially harmful games like 'smash or pass'.

Respecting User Privacy and Dignity AI chats need to respect user privacy and dignity, avoiding the promotion of objectification or disrespectful behavior. This requires a nuanced understanding of the implications of games like 'smash or pass' and the responsibility of AI in moderating such content.


Handling user complaints in NSFW AI chats, especially regarding 'smash or pass' activities, requires a multifaceted approach. It involves ethical decision-making, effective content moderation, and a commitment to user safety and respect. As AI technology evolves, so too must the strategies to ensure these platforms remain respectful and safe for all users.

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