glass vials for jewelry wholesale Is Konami a person's name or?

glass vials for jewelry wholesale Many games have this logo, such as heartbeat memories, and there are many.

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  1. cecilia jewelry wholesale Konami is a well -known game manufacturer brand and a group, but Konami itself does not make games. There are three major departments responsible for the specific production of the game:

    The KONAMI Computer (AMUSEMENT MACHINES), GM (Gaming Machines), which specializes in producing home machine games. By the way, at first, the LOGO pattern of Kemei was the words "Konami" of the oblique body, and now it is a positive word. The interpretation of its official homepage is: "This symbolizes that Konami has become a very stable enterprise."

    It again, take a look at the origin of the name Konami:
    kouzuk (last month)
    nakama (Zhongzhen)
    ps : When I started to learn Japanese, I checked what the word Konami means, and found that its Chinese characters can be written as "small waves". When the name was named, did the president also think of his "small wave" in the future to lead the latest trend of the game industry?

    The is currently in Japan. Kelle mainly owns some companies and departments:
    KCE Tokyo (KCET)
    KCE Osaka (KCEO)
    kce japan (kcej)
    KCE Studio
    AM Division
    gm Division
    CS Division
    CP Division
    PS Division
    SP business department
    he business headquarters

    mades there are several companies, but the main is the above. Previously, KCE Nagoya (KCEN), KCE KCEK, KCE Sapporo, KCE Yokohama, KCE Summu, KCE Shinjuku, KCG Aoyama (G: Games) and other companies were later combined by other departments. Absorbed. Practice has proved that this decentralized company's operating system is more adapted to the Japanese economy that is not now a downturn, which helps improve operating efficiency.

    In the following let us know what these companies do.

    KCE Tokyo
    The first establishment of various KEC companies with KEC Osaka, which is the most important part of Keller. There are many representative works, including love simulation games led by "Heartbeat Memories", the unique "Fantasy Water Margin" series, the best football game "Live Football" series, etc. Planting of works and other works. KEC Tokyo is a multi -produced company, which can fully see the diversity of Calemi from it alone. PS: It is said that "Heartbeat Memories" and "Cosmic Patrol Press" were produced by a development group.

    kce Osaka
    The is known for making the "Thief Wudouwei" series and "Powerful Professional Baseball" series. Although other KEC companies have also produced these two games, most of them are made by them. In addition, KEC Osaka is the earliest stock listing among these companies, and it is also the main participants of the "Mobile21" company specializing in GBA games with Nintendo.

    kce japan
    is divided into two groups of KCEJ WEST and KCEJ EAST. West is commonly known as the "small island group", which is the group where Kojima is located. In addition to the "alloy equipment" series, some transplantation work such as dancing machine games is also performed. East is the original "KCE Shinjuku" company, which specializes in some games adapted from comics and animation works. The most famous is the "Oh!" Series.

    is merged by KCE Sapporo and KCE Yokohama. There are quite a lot of games, but unfortunately there are not many well -known, because most of them are transplanted works. The main products are mainly based on the "Bone Payment" series and "Popmusic" series.

    It specializes in cultivating talents for Calemei Company, and each KCE company has branches. It is said that the school's teaching standards are quite strict.

    am business headquarters
    The departments that specialize in the production of commercial video game consoles, but it is said that the AM business department and GM business department in music games have participated in development. From the Beatmania series to the DDR series, to the Popmusic series, so many excellent products have nothing to do with the fierce competition between them. It is also easy to distinguish the products of these two departments. AM products will be accompanied by the sound of "Dingling Bell Bell ..." while AM's products appear. There is no GM product.

    gm business headquarters
    Puchia after all music games are classified as the AM business headquarters, mainly engaged in the development of gambling game consoles called "Medal". In fact, the scope of GM's shot hunting is also very wide, and all kinds of commercial play instruments without screens are made here.

    CS business headquarters
    Consumer software, which is responsible for selling the department of Koto's home games. The actual software development is responsible for KEC, and CS is only responsible for sales. In addition, a special magazine named "Konami Magazine" is also published.

    2 Konami

    CP business headquarters
    Character proctor, specifically produced and sold peripheral products for games. Essence Frequent sales of their products at some game exhibitions. Not only the game of Keller, but also produced some game peripheral products from other game companies. Similar to the CS department, it also published a magazine named "Konami Look".

    PS business headquarters
    The PS here does not mean, but a slightly name of "" (slot machine) (that is, Bai Qing Ge Bo Sub -machine), which is specifically produced by slot machines.

    SP business headquarters
    's titles of Sport Club are not the department to make sports games, but to operate some fitness clubs.

    HE Division
    Health, producing some products that integrate fitness and entertainment, and also sell some sporting goods.

    The Le Mei Mondo

    Different from other game manufacturers, it is difficult to mention Calemi (I still prefer it to call it "Kenim"), it is difficult for people to make a one for it Accurate positioning. For example, when it comes to Sega, most of the players think of Sonic and VF, and when it comes to Nintendo, it must be "Mario" and "Pokemon" in their minds. But if you mention Kokomi, what do you think of? Is "Soul Dou Luo", "Heartbeat Memories", "Metal Equipment", "Salone Snake", "Live Football", "Silent Hill", or such a game series, or the extremely popular DDR? If you think about it, I can only draw the following conclusion: Kelle is like a person who is running constantly. Every corner of the game industry has left its footprint. The history of the game. As a famous game, it has been called Hero Le Mei from the MSX period. It should be "run" from the AC commercial machine. Let's make a more complete introduction to the "Ad'" in the game industry.

    1. Kokomei, which started with a shooting game, I believe most players have played Konami four -in -one on the red and white machine ("Soul Dou Luo", "Saloma Snake", "Devil City" and "Red Fortress"), this is also my earliest Koeli game. In fact, the Saudan snake is just a branch of Kelle's famous shooting game series "Gradius". As a relatively large game series, Gradius is roughly the "Orthodox Gradius Series", "Salom Snake Series" and "Parodius series". "The three parts are formed (I will have a chance to write an article introduction in the future).

    The first generation of Gradius appeared on the 85 -year commercial aircraft. Prior to this, the most popular shooting game was a vertical shooting game based on the "XEVIOUS series" produced by NAMCO. After the appearance of Gradius, it caused a lot of sensation. It used its unique charm: the horizontal version of the shooting type, through the acquisition of energy capsules, can enhance power, and can be equipped with sub -machines. After that, Calemei took advantage of the hot iron to bring Gradius perfectly to the MSX and red and white machines. For a while, Kelle became synonymous with shooting games.

    , but Keller has such a problem: Once you encounter a business opportunity, you will catch it. Think about it to make the player's hard -earned money from this until let people see this game. Ask the nausea (it may be a bit excessive). In addition to the Gradius of MSX, Red and White Machines, PC88, X1, and X68000, respectively, in 1986, Koamei also launched the worldview and Gradius very similar "Salone Snake" on the commercial machine. In the case of the Sha Roman snake, it should be the first shooting game that can play games at the same time.

    In August 87, the second generation of Gradius sold on the MSX first, and appeared on the commercial machine in March 1988. The second generation of the picture is much more gorgeous than the first generation. Among them, the gorgeous firebird image leaves a deep impression that the game also won the Gamest Award.

    Since then, Keller has been uninterrupted, and has launched many shooting games one after another. The more famous ones are anti -transplants from MSX to commercial machines. The earliest funny shooting game "Parodius", the first and second generation of "Thunder Cross" for junior players than Gradius (the second generation of composers are Metal Yuhki, he It has also been composed of "Heartbeat Memories"), the "Bing Bee", which is deeply rooted in the image of the character, the highest peak "Gradius" of the Gradius series, "XEXEX" and "Saudi Snake Two" known for its exquisite pictures and unique systems and unique systems. "Overseas" and so on.

    , but I do n’t know why, the more difficult the game to launch later, the more difficult it is to adapt, so it gradually aroused the dissatisfaction of the players, and the sales volume became more and more and more and more. Low. Until the era of the next generation of models, the Kelle Merk shooting game represented by "" and "Gradius" on SS and PS ushered in a short spring. However, the emergence of the "Gradius Four Generations" in commercial planes completely subverted the players' confidence in the Gradius series. Some people count the game's bugs in seven or eighty places, and often cannot play the game normally. The Gradius series, known as the "Father of Shooting Games", also swept the floor because of this game. Many Japanese players are unwilling to face this reality, and they have speculated that Machikou did not really participate in the production of the four generations of Gradius.

    I Although the three generations of Gradius and four generations of collections appeared on PS2 later, Gradius works appeared on the GBA not long ago, but they had to admit that Kelle (even the entire industry) from the industry) The era of shooting games has long been away from us.

  2. organic body jewelry wholesale KONAMI is the name of Japanese game production companies. It is very famous. It has been made from the past red and white machines. Earlier Salman snakes, King Kong, Demon City, etc. are all works of Konami.

  3. wholesale gold jewelry 10 kt 6 mm ring It is a Japanese game company. The masterpieces include the Soul Douro Shar's Snake Red Fortress on the FC. The recent representative works include the Devil City series and the Qianlong spy series.

  4. wholesale faux pearl jewelry Game companies, live football, alloy equipment, heartbeat memories, game king, demon city, soul Dou Luo, Salo slow snake and other classic series all come from the company

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