wholesale silver childrens jewelry How to make money on NDS Ranch Story Elf Station is the fastest

wholesale silver childrens jewelry Note that I have no secret fields and any kitchen and fruit crust! Intersection Intersection If you just plant things, mining and fishing, how to make money fastest

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  1. jewelry spacers wholesale How to make money:
    The initial: The land in the mine (that is, the land just entered the mine) has jewelry, necklace, chest ornaments, masks, cosmetics, gifts, etc., which are different from the season. Good place, but very tiring ... Generally, you can dig at least 3 pieces of jewelry at a time. If each piece of jewelry is shipped directly, it is 2000g/piece. 1000G is not the same. If the price you think can not be sold without selling it, the price with a higher probability is 3209g)

    The dwarf house can gambling. The way of opening the casino is: On Sunday, walk from the town to the farm. When crossing the bridge, a small dwarf will be opened. For the exchange of prizes, if you want to gamble, you must collect another three dwarf dealers to investigate the well on the town. Clicking and finding the right son, you need to buy gambling (10g/piece) to gambling. You can bet 10 gambling currency at most each time. After the victory, select the first item to guess the size of the size. The computer gives a card. The choice is large, small, and the same (why there is the same ...), guess the gambling currency is doubled; select the second item to select a card larger than the computer below, gambling after victory Double.

    1. When playing the first game (one on the far left), try not to choose the first one, the winning rate is super low.
    2. In the first game, the repeated card winning rate is higher than the average (about one -half of the high)
    3. Just prove that you won, the one you draw is your reward.
    4. It is recommended to play the first and second one, the winning rate is high, the third one is not only high, the anti -fee time (personally thinks)
    5. After each game is won One of them played similar to the GBA version of the goddess guessing the big game, and the same situation. After winning once, the original number doubles, it is easy to earn thousands of.
    6. At the beginning, I suggested that you buy 10 pieces first, play the first or second game, use SL Dafa to win yourself, and play the size of the guess, win 1000 or 2000 I am afraid to spend more time to earn elves.
    7. After winning about 1,000 pieces, Save, and then start making tens of thousands of plans. Until your goal, you can buy red capes to sell money after earning, and other products can be changed after selling.

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