The Federal Reserve is about to raise interest rates, and how does the exchange rate of shore and offshore fall below 7.05 and 7.06?

4 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve is about to raise interest rates, and how does the exchange rate of shore and offshore fall below 7.05 and 7.06?”

  1. This will affect our import and export industry, and it will also affect the price and purchase capacity of RMB assets.
    It you can try to understand this. When the Fed raises interest rates, if we do not choose to raise interest rate hikes, our RMB exchange rate will definitely be reduced. In fact, even if we choose to rate interest rate hikes, because the US dollar itself is the world's No. 1 settlement currency, when the US dollar is further tightened, the currency exchange rate of the country and regions will depreciate. This is also the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike house The global negative impact.
    The first impact is about our import and export industry.
    Is when the exchange rate of our offshore RMB reaches around 7.1, this situation should first talk about our import and export industry. For the imported industry, when we want to import various high -end equipment, because the purchase capacity of the renminbi is gradually decreasing, the amount we actually need to pay will become more. For the export industry, because our export costs are further decreasing, this method will help our export industry rapidly, and at the same time, it can also improve our trade surplus.
    The second impact is the purchase of RMB.
    This problem is mainly about the assets of the RMB, because many assets themselves are priced at RMB. When the exchange rate of the RMB further depreciates, the purchase capacity of the RMB assets in China will be further reduced, and there will be corresponding corresponding corresponding to correspondingly. Shrinkage. In this case, many people choose to sell their own assets directly and obtain cash in this way. This method will not only cause a certain loss of relevant persons, but also cause a large number of asset outflows.
    In addition, the problem of the RMB exchange rate will affect the purchase ability of many people, especially when different phenomena occur, this problem may cause many people's quality of life to be severely reduced, and at the same time, it will also lead Some people have the problem of debt defaults.

  2. On the eve of the Fed's announcement of the resolution, the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar fell in the shore and offshore market. The one after another in a row of 7.04, 7.05 and 7.06, once fell more than 300 basis points.

  3. The impact is also very serious. After all, the exchange rate of the US dollar and the RMB may lead to the Federal Reserve's follow -up interest rate hikes. The rise in US dollar prices will lead to more serious changes in the world economy, which is not conducive to social stability and economy. develop.

  4. The decline in the RMB exchange rate means that the people of our country travel to the United States, or those who change the US dollar need to spend more RMB, but it has no effect without going abroad

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