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  1. The BNT Digital Asset Exchange was registered in Singapore on June 19, 2015 and successfully received a $ 30 million financing of Relay Ventures and Horowitz. The BNT digital asset exchange is committed to creating stable, secure and convenient trading services for users. Adopting advanced cloud servers, high -performance matching systems, and financial -level security protection are the world's leading digital asset trading platforms. The platform is not regularly launched with high -quality digital assets. All digital assets have been strictly screened by risk control. It is not limited to the credibility and popularity of assets, but also considers sufficient margin asset mortgage to provide stable and efficient support for the digital asset market transactions.

    The BNT digital asset exchange has professional technical leaders and blockchain development technology teams, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of technology research and application. Establish a localized trading service center in multiple countries to create a multi -business form. It provides a strong guarantee for customers' security, stability, and efficient digital asset transactions. According to the user's advice and needs, it continuously improves and upgrades the production
    products and services.

    BNT Digital Assets Exchange currently establishes offices in key cities in more than 20 countries. The business covers more than 150 regions and countries around the world and jumps at the forefront of the $ 1 billion of a daily turnover. The popularity of BNT digital asset transactions globally, relying on the strong market prospects of digital currencies, digital currency has become a market for risk investment institutions to compete. From a global perspective, the world's cutting -edge companies such as Google, Deloin, UBS, New York Stock Exchange, and Balek Bank have invested in many startups in this field, with a total investment amount of up to billions of dollars. Step in this trend environment.

    Themore -based industry background, BNT Digital Assets Exchange has won the favor of capital of various circles with its unique technical and team advantages. In software and hardware services and cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other fields, have achieved remarkable achievements, and have become a dark horse in the industry.

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