1 thought on “What are the software for one -on -one video chat?”

  1. 1. Skype.
    skype is an instant messaging software, which has the functions required by IM, such as video chat, multi -person voice conference, multi -person chat, transmitting files, text chat and other functions. It can talk highly with other users, or call domestic and international telephones. It can be directly dialed by fixed telephones, mobile phones, and Xiaolingtong, and can achieve functions such as call transfer and SMS sending.
    skype is a global free voice communication software, with more than 663 million registered users, and also exceed 30 million online.
    2, Mo You.
    Theyou is a geographical -based stranger social app, bringing a new social method between strangers. Moyou, accurate social positioning, knowing people nearby, lightweight community, publishing interesting stories and secrets, from online to offline, sharing wonderful with the world.
    "Chat", "Story", "Secret", "Speaking", "Supply and demand Square", "Video Chat", "Nearby Moments", "Live" and other main functions have subverted the social applications of strangers in the past, allowing users to get new new Experience.
    3, Momo.
    momo is a geographical -based open mobile video social application launched by NASDAQ: Momo in August 2011. It is an open social platform for China.
    In MOMO, you can show yourself through videos, text, voice, and pictures. Based on geographical location, people nearby are found, and real, effective and healthy social relationships are established.
    4, exploration.
    The exploration is a social app based on big data intelligent recommendations and new interactive models. Explore on the user's personal information, location, hobbies and other information, calculate and push the person who matches you to help users meet new friends who have favorable people.
    The core product mechanism of "left slide and right slip, likes each other to chat with each other" brings interesting and romantic unique experiences to young people. In addition, its safety and anti -harassment characteristics make it a social application that is very popular with female audiences.
    5, easy to believe.
    Ixin is a content social software. The product is based on the chat function. It focuses on the topic community section and selected information content.
    On August 30, 2019, Yi Xin held a new 7.0 release conference in Hangzhou. CEO Hu Yong announced that Yixin will officially transform into the content social software of "Global Social Large Platform". Launched "Say", a platform that allows users to share their interests and knowledge.

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