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  1. Electronic wallet is part of the basic equipment of blockchain banks. In order to simplify the reasons, we will use Bitcoin to explain this technology. Of course, it is also applicable to all other blockchain -based cryptocurrencies.
    Blockchain wallet is a software program that stores Capital Canada. The account owner has a private key (secret number) to their wallet. This key is the only way to access the Bitcoin address, so it is also the only way to receive or send credit. Several providers can provide private keys, but they are compatible.
    The wallets have a variety of existences, we will introduce it in detail later. At present, the forms of the first five types of wallets are desktop electronic currency wallets, mobile phone mobile electronic wallets, Internet electronic wallets, hardware wallets and banknote wallets.
    It in the wallet, users retain their Bitcoin assets. In principle, Bitcoin is a "ordinary" money in a normal wallet. Therefore, users will not put all their money into a wallet, and they will not feel that it is very safe. In this case, users need to use a backup copy and security password. In addition, users can regard wallets as a passbook (paper wallet). There is no Internet access, so it is not more likely to be attacked by online hackers.
    Bitcoin has a certain value, which comes from a value we allocate for it. So this is similar to "normal" money. The value of Bitcoin also largely depends on the exchange rate, but this difference is very large, so sometimes Bitcoin value fluctuations will be more intense than normal currency. Let's take a look at the Bitcoin chart this year, and we will see a significant increase in value. Some parts even ups and downs like roller coasters.
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