The difference between wave information and wave software

The difference between wave information and wave software

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  1. The maximum total of Bitcoin is 21 million. How many Bitcoin needs to be excavated
    and 3109837.5 Bitcoin needs to be tapped. How many bitcoin is excavated every day?
    The average daily excavation of 144 neighborhoods, 12.5 bitcoins in each district. 144 × 12.5 is 1800, so it is the total number of new bitcoins daily.
    It because many miners have improved the new hash rate, in the past two years, they often find pieces in 9.5 minutes instead of 10 minutes. This can create new Bitcoin faster, so more than 1,800 new Bitcoin has been created in most days.
    [Extended information]
    The concept of Bitcoin was initially proposed by Nakamoto Satoshi on November 1, 2008, and was officially born on January 3, 2009.
    The open source software and constructed P2P networks based on Satoshi Nakamoto's thinking. Bitcoin is a P2P form of digital currency. Bitcoin's transaction records are open and transparent. Point -to -point transmission means a decentralized payment system.
    Different from most currencies, Bitcoin does not rely on specific currency institutions. According to specific algorithms, it is generated by a large number of calculations. Trading behavior and use the design of cryptography to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation. The decentralization characteristics and algorithms of P2P can ensure that the currency value cannot be manipulated by a large number of Bitcoin. Design based on cryptography can make Bitcoin only transfer or pay by real owners. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulation transactions. The total number of Bitcoin is limited. The currency system has only not more than 10.5 million in 4 years, and the total number will be permanently limited to 21 million.
    In June 2021, Salvador passed the Bitcoin Act of the State of the State to become a legal currency in the country. On September 7, Bitcoin officially became the legal currency of Salvador and the first country in the world to give digital currencies legal status.
    On September 24, 2021, the People's Bank of China issued a notice of further prevention and disposal of the risk of hype of virtual currency transactions. The notice states that virtual currencies do not have the same legal status as legal currency.
    On November 10, 2021, the price of Bitcoin reached a record high, approaching $ 69,000 per perpartment for the first time.
    In January 2022, Bitcoin continued to fall, falling below $ 42,000, and touched the level since September last year.

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