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  1. The gold content, fame, cost (application cost, maintenance cost) of the Australian Austral license is a very good license. This is one of the standard licenses of the digital currency exchange. Loan currency, virtual loan, digital loan currency, etc. In short, do exchanges, remittance transfer, digital currency exchange, currency transactions, contract transactions, OTC, etc. all need this license. It is mainly providing providers providing digital currency trading services, including exchanges and OTC related businesses and companies.
    All trading platforms involved in the exchange between fiat currency and virtual currency shall register on Austrac and accept supervision. According to the guidelines of Austrac, all the exchanges between fiat currency and virtual currencies are exchanged between fiat currency and virtual currencies. The trading platform should be supervised.
    . The requirements of registered Australian companies
    1, company name: three (English) company names are generally ended with pty.ltd; the company name is named free.
    2, Directors shareholders: Provide at least 1 director and one shareholder, shareholders directors can be the same person;
    3, registered capital: at least AU $ 1.00, generally AU $ 10 or AU $ 100, there is no limit, but no, but no Proposal to be too much
    4, the company's business scope: explain the company's business nature and business direction.
    5, company registered address: Australian company registered address
    6, company legal secretary
    registered Australian business number ABN consumption tax GST declaration requires the following materials:
    1, the company's Australian company number ACN;
    2, the personal tax number of the person in charge of the company's person in charge TAX FILE NUMBER;
    3, the personal information of the person in charge of the company's registered person (now residential address, the contact information includes the contact phone number and email); The company plans to operate in Australia's business nature and business direction;
    5, the company's registered address, contact number, fax and mailbox in Australia;
    6, how to declare GST: declare every quarter or annual declaration.

    . The process and service content of the DCE licenses of Austral's Austrac:
    1. Assist the customer's notarization of criminal records of directors;
    2. Write a business plan for digital currency traders Books and operation plans;
    3. Prepare and write application materials;
    4. Writing anti -money laundering regulations and anti -terrorist organization financing regulations, and daily operation plan for regulations;
    5. To Austral Austral and ASIC Application for submitting licenses;
    6. During the application process, responsible for answering questions raised by Austrac and ASIC.
    If Austrac and ASIC requires us to provide the remaining copy or related instructions, such as the process of statement
    The overall process includes the company's registration time is about 4 weeks, and occasionally there will be government delay.
    DCE license approval, you can check the DCE license on the official website

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