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  1. 1. On October 11, 2018, the 2019 Honda CR-V was officially launched at the Wuhan Auto Show. The price range of the new car was 16,988-68,800 yuan, and a total of 11 models were launched. The new car is consistent with the current configuration as the appearance configuration, and it has been upgraded only for the configuration. In addition, the four -wheel drive hybrid version has been added.

    2, advantages: sufficient, interior space design humane. The power is enough and smooth, the same space is the largest, the configuration is very comprehensive, and the practicality is strong.
    3, disadvantages: The disadvantages are also obvious, the chassis is low, the passage is not good, and the four -wheel drive ability has improved, but compared with the same level, there are still insufficient problems, but these are not problems. He is already very comprehensive. The 2.4 car exposed an engine fault light at 1.6W kilometers. After cleaning, the computer eliminates
    4, CR-V, the front face design uses a family design style, chrome trim and black grille. The net and the headlight are directly connected, which is very direct. Silver guards are added at the lower lip of the front bar, which looks more dynamic and fashionable. But it affects the approach angle and affects the passability. The taillight of the buttocks is a bit like the Volvo XC60, but it has its own recognition, which is still a bit different. Everyone thinks that when CRV buys, it will add tail wings, pedals and luggage racks. I think the naked cars look better. What humpback and what pull wind are panic. The 2.4 two -wheel drive configuration is sufficient. It's the film.

  2. New CR-V 2.4L Respecting Model Models in various places

    This price of 252,800 monthly transactions 252,800
    Wuhan Chongqing, Henan, Chongqing, Henan, Sichuan
    n new CR-V 2.4L precious precious precious preciousness. Automatic file-parameter
    new CR-V 2.4L noble automatic file-basic data
    model name New CR-V 2.4L noble automatic gear structure SUV/CRV/CUV luxury level

    The new CR-V 2.4L noble automatic file-engine parameters
    standard engine water cooling 4 rushing inline 4-cylinder 16 air valve standard transmission automatic 5 gear standard displacement 2354 CC

    D number 16 Maximum power 125/5800 kW/RPM Maximum torque 220/4200 n · m/rpm

    R n
    acceleration time seconds (0-100km/h) emission standard European IV standard

    new CR-V 2.4L noble automatic file-steering/suspension/tire n drive Method four -wheel drive braking mode disc/disc (front/post -) steering help steering type

    The suspension method of McPerson Suspension, the front bundle control connecting of the stabilized rod/double fork Format independent suspension with a stabilized rod reaction rod (front/rear) wheel size 17 -inch tire 225/65R17 102T

    size and weight
    The wheel distance 1565/1565 mm (front/after)

    The length of 4530 mm body width 1820 mm body height 1680 mm
    n M minimum ground clearance 185 mm maximum climbing degree %

    The approach angle ° departure angle °

    n new CR-V 2.4L noble automatic gear-configuration
    front/rear reading light
    front fog lights
    R n
    aluminum alloy wheels
    The leather seat
    Fitting steering wheel
    The body protection design

    Chrome -plated parts
    gripped outer door handle
    The same color rearview mirror
    n high privacy dark rear window glass n n stereo four -in -one crystal diamond headlights
    projection -proof lamps

    LED rearview mirror direction lights

    soft wiper
    intermittent rainwater
    hidden water saving spray rainwater spray head
    electric adjustment rearview mirror

    This shading board with makeup mirror
    chrome door handles
    metal color body trim
    metal color row shield frame
    n inside the car car Connecting indoor light
    Driving seat left foot rest pedal

    comfortable configuration
    The rear window electronic fog n
    Them functional window

    In front row central armrest
    In rear central armrest
    can be folded back to electric external mirror
    cup holder r r r r r r r r r

    Ne-touch electric windows attached to the driver's seat
    Welcome spontaneous optical instrument panel
    The octa-directional adjustment of the driver's seat
    nPlims of the two front -seat activities
    It air -conditioning system
    multi -directional adjustment shortcut steering wheel
    steering wheel sound shortcut (with nightlight)

    n The anti -theft system of the variable password chip
    The electric window button shines
    The compass

    C battery delay function
    Pre -audio system
    High sound speakers
    central audio source input sockets
    n Settings soft antenna
    The rear floor floor floor
    The center console metal trim
    chrome -plated air -conditioning outlet adjustment key

    N luggage compartment DC 12V power socket
    driver's seat coin box
    The front seat double -layer glove box

    The back seat 4/2/4 Separate front inverted function
    The back seat 6/4 separation front folding function
    n vehicle safety/anti -theft configuration
    n ABS anti -car hug brake system
    driver's seat airbags
    Portal driver seat airbags

    side gas curtains
    n Children's safety lock
    The vehicle stability auxiliary system (VSA)

    five seats in front and rear seats
    If front -seat automatic pre -tightening seat belt n Double front seat belt
    double front -seat carbone safety head pillow

    The seat belt warning system
    nHir speed cruise system
    Im and timely four -wheel drive system

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  4. 18.98 ~ 252,800
    Model names:
    Honda CR-V
    2.0 two-wheel drive urban version manual transmission
    189,800 Ben Tampei CR-V n2.0 Two-drive The urban version of the automatic transmission is 197,800
    Honda CR-V
    2.0 four-wheel drive classic manual transmission
    2078 million Ben Tian CR-V
    2.0 four-wheel drive classic version automatic transmission
    .178 million
    Honda CR-V
    2.4 four-wheel drive luxury version manual transmission
    2.318 million
    Edition automatic transmission
    .2398 million Mamuda CR-V
    2.4 four-wheel drive precious version automatic transmission

  5. CRV is a very cost -effective model. Even the lowest configuration, the wide body and beautiful shape are still very attractive. The guidance price is 189,800 yuan, and the price of the packet is about 214,800 yuan
    . If the local 4S shop has activities or promotion, the price may be lower.

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