2 thoughts on “Why is the TV show "We Are Action" low?”

  1. "We in Actions" began to be relatively sluggish. At first, the score of Douban was low, but after looking at it for a few issues, it felt very good. It was very grounded. It is really acting for poor areas. Unlike some variety shows, they are all "presented to be available". It is said that Zhong Hanliang, Ling Xiaosu, Hu Jing and other stars and other stars are compensated for public welfare. Welfare.
    "We are in action" team teams are based on local characteristics to find ways to get rich for villagers. As the saying goes: "It is better to give people fish than to give people fishing." The original intention. However, Xiaobian found that there are very few barrage in watching "We in Action". Many netizens said: "This is not poverty alleviation. This is a show. People in poor areas are better than me."
    "We are Action" are a good variety show, and it is also the most unlike variety show. I hope to have such meaningful life programs. The society needs more positive energy to pass to more people. So as to benefit more people who need help!
    The variety shows of entertainment are happy fast -moving consumer goods, and it is also in line with the taste of the audience. This is beyond doubt. Love!

  2. Because they are playing FPS games, 8 billion US dollars, they are quietly entering the market. The famous "Bitcoin". The game points are virtual currencies, and the successful case of virtual currencies is Q coins.
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