3 thoughts on “Do you make money on Taobao to make a virtual game point card?”

  1. Let me analyze it: 1. Let ’s talk about opening a store on Taobao first. It’ s free of charge. It ’s just that the current situation is said. It’ s time to take time to verify that it ’s a good platform in my eyes! 2. Most virtual dot card sellers sell some cards for making money for you. They just make reputation in this way, and most of the sellers who accompany money to make reputation are there. When they feel the sense of reputation, they can change their careers to do it to do it to do it. Other businesses are not selling some cards! 3. Those super -level sellers can also make money. The high level I said refers to the agency level of the online game point card. , I am a big agent, and I can develop a small agent below! Small agents are selling buyers who are actually using some cards! Suggestions for you: If you are to make money, it is estimated that the selling point card will disappoint you, because as you say Taobao The price is transparent, and cheap is the last word; if you sell some cards to earn credibility, it should be able to achieve a certain degree, provided that there is a little advantage in the price, even if it is accompanied by money, so that the diamond will not be one month, the diamond will be Yes, one, two, more, more! Hehe has so many types of typing, I hope my little labor can help you answer your doubts!

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