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  1. Log in the software can be used.
    The first step: log in to the official website and then log in to the account to enter the binding refueling card; the second step: select the binding refueling card from the pop -up dialog box; the third step: in the pop -up dialog box, enter you in the pop -up dialog box, enter you Card number; Step 4: In the refueling card binding window, click "Click to get". It can be used afterwards. Youco token (hereinafter referred to as Youco) refers to the platform points that users and industry partners participate in the platform business and shared development of the platform business and the development of the shared development. The interpretation of blockchain applications and underlying chains is realized. In the economy, the economy will stand at an angle of neutral development and connecting the value -added services of major products to achieve the value benchmarking and swap of the generals of each application.

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