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  1. Cambridge Business English Certificate Cambridge Business English, referred to as the BEC exam, is designed by the needs of non -English -speaking nursing natives for international business activities. According to the actual needs of business work, it uses four aspects of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing in business and general living environments. Grade certificate. Due to the authority of its awarding agency, the certificate has been recognized in commercial enterprise departments in most European countries as the preferred certificate for confirmation of the English ability of the certificate holder. It is also a "pass" for employment in all countries and regions to hold this exam. In some countries, many universities require those who obtain BEC3 (third level) certificates to obtain a master's degree (MBA) degree or participate in degree courses.

    BEC test testing candidates' language communication ability in four aspects of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Essence

    BEC exams are divided into three levels. BEC1 is a primary language level test, which is equivalent to the four levels of English in our country. As far as the Cambridge English test series is concerned, it is in the Key English Test (Key English Test) and primary schools. Between English Test (English Test); BEC2 between the No. 4 and 6 of our university English, equivalent to the first certificate of the Cambridge Certificate (FIRST in English); Between the Cambridge Skills English Certificate Examination (of in English).

    The application conditions

    BEC test registration is not limited by age, gender, occupation, region, education, etc. Register at the local test site. And it can be registered at any time. The deadline for registration in the first half of the year is March 20, and the deadline for registration in the second half of the year is September 17. At present, the BEC exam has a total of 58 test sites in 36 cities in 27 provincial and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

    The registration fee (inclusive test fee) is as follows: BEC1 is about 290 yuan, BEC2 is about 370 yuan, and BEC3 is about 490 yuan. The test time is the third Saturday (BEC3), the fourth Saturday (BEC1), the first Saturday (BEC2), the fourth Saturday (BEC3), the first Saturday (BEC3), the first Saturday (BEC2) each year One Saturday (BEC1) and the second Saturday (BEC2).

    The test score was printed by the overseas examination department, and the Local Examination Committee of Cambridge University issued a certificate of qualifications. It is also issued to a certificate.

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