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  1. As long as the things that may need to be resolved in life will definitely be included by the Civil Code, but now many companies in the Internet have launched a lot of virtual property for people to use in order to profit, but it is precisely that these property has made the past the past. The law has been unable to adjust. So, how does the civil code of virtual property be stipulated? 1. How is the virtual property of the Civil Code? Article 115 of the Civil Code: Its goods include real estate and real estate. If the law stipulates that rights as the object of property, in accordance with its provisions. Article 127: If the protection of data and network virtual property in the law shall be stipulated in accordance with its regulations. Interpretation: In traditional concepts, Q coins and game equipment are all virtual things. Although there are no lack of game fans to buy RMB for purchasing, they still cannot be equivalent to RMB. However, in recent years, many people have found high prices to find game upgrades and buy Q coins. Let us see that the virtual property of the game equipment can really be converted into RMB. These Q coins and game equipment that can be exchanged for money are not protected by law? The Civil Code tells us that of course there can be! In other words, we have a larger range of property protection laws. Related knowledge: Can virtual property be divided as husband and wife property? 1. If the value of virtual property is small and entertaining, it can be identified as a "special daily necessities for one party". Large and entertaining strong. Although it is identified as "a special daily necessities", the divorce should be compensated to the other party during divorce. "Husband and wife common property" can be divided. Can virtual property be inherited? 1. "Heritage is a personal legal property left by citizens when the death of citizens, including other legal property of citizens." Therefore, as long as the legal property of citizens is the legitimate property of the virtual property, it can be regarded as a heritage. If the virtual property capacity is associated with the currency or other property in the real society, the virtual property has the legal property nature, and it is a disposable property itself. 2. If there is information involving the privacy of the deceased and their loved ones in the virtual property or account, the relatives of the deceased shall use the account to use the privacy information involved. 3. Property owners can clarify the inheritance of virtual property through a will and be able to stop struggle. In summary, as long as it is about property and will not distinguish whether it is physical or virtual, it will not affect the value of its property and the significance of the property of citizens. Therefore, as long as the virtual property of citizens is infringed by others specification. If everyone's virtual property is infringed, lawsuits are required.

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