Is the number of digital renminbi issued? Where is the issuer?

Is the number of digital renminbi issued? Where is the issuer?

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  1. Digital RMB is still pilot, so it has not been issued yet. The issuer is the central bank.
    I. Digital RMB (E-CNY), also known as digital currency electronic payment (abbreviation: DC/EP), is a legal currency in digital form issued by the People's Bank of China. Operating and exchanging to the public, based on a broad account system, supports bank account loose coupling functions, equivalent to paper money coins, has valuable characteristics and legal repayment, and supports controllable anonymous. There are two concepts of digital RMB, one is that digital RMB is a legal currency in digital form; the other is equivalent to paper banknotes and coins. Digital RMB is mainly positioned in M0, which is cash and coins in circulation. It is mainly positioned as cash payment vouchers (M0), which will coexist with the real RMB for a long time. It is mainly used to meet the public's demand for digital form cash and help inclusive finance. At the end of 2019, digital RMB began pilots, including ten cities and the Beijing Winter Olympics scene in 2022. Some cities have also launched the use of digital RMB green travel, low -carbon red envelopes and other usage scenarios. In July 2021, the People's Bank of China released a Digital RMB white paper. On October 8, 2021, the pilot scene of the digital RMB has exceeded 3.5 million, with a total of 123 million personal wallets, and the transaction amount is about 56 billion yuan.
    . Support the fairness, efficiency and safety in the field of retail payment. Digital RMB will provide the public with a new general -purpose payment method, which can improve the diversity of payment tools and help improve the efficiency and safety of the payment system. China has always supported the coordinated development of various payment methods. Digital RMB and general electronic payment instruments are in different dimensions, which are both complementary and different. Digital RMB is based on the M0 positioning and is mainly used for retail payment. The purpose is to improve the level of financial inclusiveness. It is aimed at reference to electronic payment technology and experience and formed it for it. Although the payment function is similar, there are certain differences in digital RMB and electronic payment tools: First, digital RMB is a national legal currency and the highest -level asset. Second, digital RMB has value characteristics. It can transfer value transfer without relying on bank accounts and support offline transactions. It has the characteristics of "payment is settlement". Third, digital RMB supports controllable anonymous, which is conducive to protecting personal privacy and user information security.

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