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  1. The virtual address of the registration is that we provide address registration, which will be written on your license, but this address is not used for your office, that is, the registered address is inconsistent with your actual office address. A office, and then register with this office, then this address does not belong to the virtual address

  2. What is a virtual address? What to pay attention to when registered companies? Welcome to follow, like it, recommendation for the next wonderful content, the business processing is requested to have risen in the past two years, and the landlord registration company of the leased commercial office building has brought great pressure on many entrepreneurs. Choose to use a virtual address to register a company, so what is the virtual address and what should you pay attention to? Next, the editor has done a related arrangement. Let's take a look. 1. The virtual address is not a false address. The real existence is filed by the Industry and Commerce Bureau. Because the space is relatively small, it can be used to register the company, but it cannot be used for business registration. The cost is relatively low, which is more suitable for some companies with a small starting period. False addresses are illegal acts that cannot be used to register a company. The precautions for choosing virtual addresses are not regularly audited by the address. In order to ensure the real existence of the address, the industrial and commercial sector will inspect the address from time to time. Once investigated and punished by the administrative authority of the industrial and commercial administration, it will be included in the non -normal business list and the credit is damaged. If the circumstances are serious, you can impose a fine of 10,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan. Even the company or business license is revoked 2. Not applicable to all company types. Before the company register, the company must first understand whether the local virtual address meets the company's industrial type. The address is only suitable for cultural and creative industries, as well as small and medium -sized enterprises in the entrepreneurial period. Some companies operate special projects, while some virtual addresses do not support special business projects. 3. When the company conducts lawsuits Next, the court's documents will be sent to the company's industrial and commercial registration address, and the company will fail to receive the court's document to lose the opportunity to appear in court. Even if the court is absent and loses the case, the virtual address will be incorporated into abnormal operations due to abnormal address. The list cannot participate in the government bidding, and even some companies cannot loan bank loans. Therefore, companies must consider their own business characteristics and project characteristics. Do you choose virtual address? Information consulting, business consulting, business management, cultural media, e -commerce, etc., are biased towards sales consulting companies that can use virtual address registered companies (in Chengdu Registered Education Consultation, Financial Development, Investment Consultation, etc. Can be registered).

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  3. The virtual address of the registration is that we provide address registration, which will be written on your license, but this address is not used for your office, that is, the registered address is inconsistent with your actual office address. It is best not to use the virtual address, which will cause a lot of trouble. It will take time and energy to solve it. Once found 1. Can't check the office address 2. Signing the risk of signing a contract 3. Cannot sign legal documents 4. Intellectual documents in the business business list, the list of nationwide credit personnel. You can rent a shared office and save a lot of costs. You can understand the renamers, large, medium -sized offices, conference rooms, and personal workshops. There are also professional teams to provide business registration, financial agency, audit inspection, accept business and business, accept industry and commerce, and accept industry and commerce The bureau and the tax bureau can check the abnormalities.

  4. The virtual address that is verbally refers to the virtual address of the incubator. It is a address that can only be registered by the Industry and Commerce Bureau. It can only be used for registration. It cannot be actually office. Its role is only used for industrial and commercial registration to handle business licenses. The virtual registered address is reasonable and legal, and it is not a false address that people think.

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