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  1. It is a legal company that you can ask the industry and commerce department and the public security department to inquire in detail to understand the inquiry and verification. You can go to the local market regulatory authorities to inquire whether the company is legal.
    To expansion information:
    The company introduction
    Karl Finance is a fintech company relying on Internet technology and big data risk control, based on serving the vast high -quality owners and partners.
    The operator of Carl Finance is Beijing Quchuchi Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in February 2014, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, and the headquarters is located in Sanyuan Bridge in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
    Carl Financial deployed a glorious international financial leasing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to carry out retail auto finance business in the automotive finance sector, and carried out direct leasing and channel business. Car Xin Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. (chores); at the same time, Beijing Chexinjinke Information Technology Co., Ltd. centered on big data risk control in the financial technology field, as well as providing customized system development and systematic development and systematic development and small and micro financial companies Beijing Rywen Technology Co., Ltd., which is an online solution for the operation process, is also planning to apply for financial licenses such as Internet small loans, and has a multi -dimensional cooperation with many Internet finance and Fintech technology companies.
    Carl Finance takes the car as the carrier, and aims to establish high -quality car owners and partners with a variety of needs such as financing, insurance, investment, etc. N Financial Corporation is a credit institution that operates investment and provides long -term funds. It integrates long -term funds by accepting and acquired stocks and bonds issued by enterprises. At the same time, it also issues securities for financial scheduling to support the development of private enterprises.

    If financial companies are an extremely important financial institution in Western countries. The fundraising of its funds mainly relies on the issuance of commercial bills in the currency market and issuing stocks and bonds in the capital market; it also borrows from banks, but the proportion is small. The gathered funds are used to loan consumers and small companies who purchase durable consumer goods and repair houses.

    If financial companies are divided into three categories: sales financial companies, consumer financial companies and industrial and commercial financial companies. Some financial companies are formed by their parent company to help sell their products. For example, Ford Motor Credit Corporation formed by Ford Motor Corporation provides consumer credit to consumers who purchase Ford.

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