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  1. Xu Xiaoping left the New Oriental Board twice, once in 2001, once in 2006. The first time Xu Xiaoping was promoting the company's internal corporate governance, and he was too interested, making Yu Minhong feel that he should leave the board of directors, and then shareholders voted for Xu Xiaoping to leave the board of directors.
    It, Xu Xiaoping wrote "Tuju Dialogue Record -My New Oriental Life Consultation". The book system summarizes the theory of studying abroad in New Oriental and clearly puts forward "against the unprepared 'study abroad'." Yu Minhong read some chapters of "Tuju Dialogue". In Teacher's Day in 2002, Xu Xiaoping was invited by Yu Minhong to return to the board of directors.
    Irds after the listing of New Oriental in 2006, Xu Xiaoping left the board of directors again and began to invest in angel. Victoria cotton is hung.
    The a few days ago, all the products of Weimian.com have been removed. According to the official statement of the Weimian.com, the goods are removed because of the "storage system failure". According to media reports, due to media reports Essence The latter's statement seems to be more credible. In this regard, as an angel investor and the second largest shareholder of Victoria, Xu Xiaoping's Weibo responded to the supplier's application for seizing the warehouse.
    The days old, there are always ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Once a startup company is in trouble, what should angel investors do? Do you continue to support or announce it? What should angels do, this is a problem.
    Dimine cotton chooses socks and underwear as the entrance. It looks beautiful. The founder Lin Wei has worked in Jinshan before and is recognized as a strong market and sales strong man in the circle. It is blank, its original market space is not small, but people do not realize.
    but the other side of the facts is that if people want to buy a pair of socks are not likely, because most people choose to buy clothes or buy shoes when shopping By the way, some clothes or shoes sellers will send you a few pairs by buying the product by the way. In this case, most people will not buy other socks.
    It, the profit margin of socks is very small, and it may be better to earn dozens of socks as a piece of clothing, and how many pairs of socks do you buy in a year?
    Lin Wei of the cotton cotton Although the surface of the socks is widened to pure cotton clothes, it still cannot solve the problem of users' return rate and platform recognition. Helpless, Wei Mian introduced the public in Jiangnan Chun as a shareholder, and more advertised by the public to attract users and orders, but it was unable to eventually form a positive cycle.
    The second problem with the existence of vitamin cotton is that the time to enter is too late. Although the Wei cotton established at the end of 2010, the rapid development of the initial period is also due to the hot background of the industry. However, when Wei Mian is ready to do A round A financing, it is encountered the cold winter of the entire e -commerce company since the second half of 2011. Wei Mian also invited Wang Ran to be a consultant for investment banks, but because the self -bid is too high, it is not very clear about it. The calm judgment did not seize the last time window, and finally broke the food.
    . Another point of view believes that although Xu Xiaoping is famous and successfully invested in companies such as Century Jiayuan, but in the field of e -commerce, it is more poor and white. One of the factors of the final closure of cotton, this statement exaggerates the responsibility and obligation of the angel, but it also illustrates a problem that the angel must not only pay for the money, but also the resource to help the investment company cross the life and death. For professional angels like Xu Xiaoping.
    An unwilling entrepreneur, encountered an investor who wanted to find opportunities in the e -commerce industry, entered with joy when the foam in an industry was the largest. Go, it is really sad.
    The rumors in the workshop, Lin Wei also found Xu Xiaoping at the end of the juncture that he hoped that he would finally borrow money to renew his life, but eventually he had no fruit.
    The areas that you do n’t know if you are not familiar with and do n’t invest in areas that you are not good at. Even super angels like Xu Xiaoping need to reflect.

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