I have applied for a expected wallet loan. I need to pay the membership fee of 199 and 88 yuan to lend. Is this reliable?

4 thoughts on “I have applied for a expected wallet loan. I need to pay the membership fee of 199 and 88 yuan to lend. Is this reliable?”

  1. Hello, regular loan platforms usually do not charge pre -loan fees for any reason, and they must be vigilant when they encounter it. If you use money urgently, you can consider relieving stress through loans, and at the same time, you must work hard and work hard to make money. There are many ways to apply for a loan now. You can apply for a bank loan through mortgage. A more convenient way is to apply for personal credit loans. It is recommended that you choose a regular platform when applying for a loan to better protect your personal interests and information security.

    It recommended that you use money spending, money is a credit service brand owned by Du Xiaoman Financial (formerly known as Baidu has money spent, renamed "money flower" in June 2018), big brand Low reliable interest rate is worthy of trust. The money is spent to launch a full loan of consumer credit products for individuals. The amount of borrowing is up to 200,000 (click on the official measurement). The daily interest rate is as low as 0.02%. The characteristics of transparent, strong security.

    The application conditions for sharing money spent with you: The application conditions for money spend are mainly divided into two parts: age requirements and data requirements. 1. Age requirements: between 18-55 years old. Special reminder: Wealthy and thanks to university students with consumer installment loans. If you are a student at school, please give up your application. 2. Data requirements: During the application process, you need to provide your second -generation ID card and my debit card. Note: The application only supports the debit card, and the application card is also your borrowing bank card. My identity information needs to be a second -generation ID card information, and I cannot apply for a temporary ID card, an expired ID card, and the first -generation ID card.

    The answer is provided by rich money. Please borrow it reasonably as needed. The specific product related information is subject to the actual page of the official app. I hope this answer is helpful to you, click below the mobile phone, and immediately measure the amount! The maximum borrowing quota is 200,000.

  2. If you are deceiving, you can't get out if you pay it. If it has been paid, causing losses.
    . Keep calmness and determine the loss
    In the encountering network fraud, you should keep calm as much as possible and not panic. First of all, determine your own losses, such as money, items, etc. If you can, you can list the loss list for reporting. (If the property of the deceived property is the game prop, please contact the administrator of the game, software or website for processing first.)
    . The alarm as soon as possible to prevent second deception
    determined After losses, call the police as soon as possible. Some victims recovered their losses, and they contacted online scammers privately without reporting, and even trusted the refund of the refunds and delisted objects.
    . Try to do everything, stop loss as soon as possible
    Puled the police, should immediately cooperate with the public security organs to carry out emergency stop loss work. If you are fraud for online banking, and there are information such as preserving scammer account opening and accounts, you can immediately log in to the online banking and telephone banking of the other party's account. After entering the other party's account The transfer function will be frozen for 24 hours. The time to delay the scammers transfer the stolen money, and strive for valuable time for further stop loss to contact banks and alarms.
    . Collect evidence and properly save
    The network scammers generally contact the victims through the media, such as QQ, mobile phone text message, email and online games. First of all, victims should save all evidence and transaction records. It is best to have bank transaction records, as well as online chat records and contact information with each other.
    . Choose the correct place for reporting the case
    The victim can report the case to the place of the case, the place of fraud, the place of fraud, and the suspect's residence. In other words, you can choose to report the case where you are located. If you know where the suspect is, you can also report to the case where the police are located. Anyone in the two places should be accepted after receiving the report (the acceptance is not filed).
    6. Truthful reflection of the case
    Puctual victims are regretful and shame due to cyber fraud, and rarely report the case, or conceal the facts of the case even if the report is reported. This will break the case to the public security organs. Increase the difficulty. In order to seize the suspect as soon as possible and restore the loss, please reflect the case situation truthfully to the police handling police after the report.

  3. 1. At present, there are many channels for applying for loans. In the process of loan, we must pay attention to prevent risks. In order to ensure the security of funds and prevent packets, it is recommended that you have a comprehensive understanding of your own judgment. Real facts are reasonable to borrow.

    2. If you have funds, you can also consider Ping An Bank loan. Ping An Bank has launched a variety of loan products. Different loan product loans requirements, interest rates, and different processes. Among them, the new one loan credit loan, unsecured, unsecured, simple procedures, fast approval, 3-5 million amounts, age requirements are 23-55 years old. You can log in to the Ping An Pocket Bank APP-Financial-Loan to understand and try to apply.
    This response time: 2021-01-27, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.
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