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  1. LRC is an abbreviation of English Lyric (lyrics), and is used as an extension of lyrics. Lyrics files with LRC as extended can be displayed simultaneously in various digital players. LRC lyrics are a "tag (tag)", which contains "*:*" forms of "tags (tags)", with pure text -based lyrics.
    I was proposed by Mr. Guo Xiangxiang and applied in his procedure. This lyrics file can not only be used to achieve karaoke function (require special program), but also process and edit it in ordinary text processing software.
    The actual operation is usually edited by special LRC lyrics editing software.
    The expansion information: loaded by loading the lyrics file string, and then parsed the text string. Therefore, whether the lyrics can be displayed normally and more fault tolerance, the analysis is important. This is also the analysis of the method of cutting the text, and then sorted it to use the standard format LRC file. Time label without content
    2, a line of lyrics, you can multiple time
    3, pay attention to the encoding format and the change format, Windows and Linux's carriage returns are different, please use Windows Notepad Yes, for example, there are small black frames, empty lines, squeezed in one line, etc.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia --- LRC

  2. It is the format of the MP3 lyrics synchronous file
    Themi in the same directory after downloading the same directory and the same name as the MP3

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