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  1. The band transaction is a transaction that wants to make a profit through the natural rise and fall of the currency. The band transaction usually starts a significant support level (in the case of shorting is the resistance level). According to the situation, the price difference is obtained from $ 1 to $ 4, and usually holds 2 days to 5 days (or more). A very favorable market opportunity ignored by most active investors. Because this kind of opportunity is too short, large machines cannot be used, and at the same time, traders on the venue (these people usually do not hold positions overnight) are too long. This time framework provides independent traders with necessary skills. Perfect opportunities. The band transaction is mainly found by the daily line or weekly chart, and occasionally uses a 15 -minute diagram to find it.
    The most effective way to operate the band operation of foreign exchange transactions is to first understand the trading characteristics of a certain currency pair, establish a practical analysis framework, and then formulate a strategy of a certain band transaction. Generally speaking, the spread between currency pairs determines the volatility of the currency to the exchange rate. For example, if the short -term spread between the euro/pound is 150 points, the characteristics of this difference determine that the fluctuation range of the currency to the exchange rate in the past 12 months is 350 points. That is to say, the probability of the daily transaction price of the euro/pound is extremely small. For transactions, small fluctuations mean that the market is relatively stable, and there are fewer ups and downs, so the risks are small and the market is easy to grasp. Such currencies are most suitable for short -term "band transactions", especially "band" transactions in the day.

  2. According to gold transactions, that is, the contract of the contract, also known as foreign exchange margin transactions, and virtual trading, refers to investors and foreign exchange margin transactions. There are no good skills. The skills are tortured by themselves. I suggest that if you have time

  3. Enter the market when the market starts, go back to the field, grasp the precise point, this is the band trading

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