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  1. Oriental Wealth Sims Step: Click my Oriental Fortune App, then click me, and then simulate stock trading. Simulators use software to conduct stock simulation transactions. The system is evaluated according to the operating behavior and results of the simulated, and the simulator understands his level based on the evaluation. There are practical simulated stock trading software, as well as competitive simulation stock software.
    It simulation varieties: At present, this type of software on the market generally not only simulate stock speculation, but also trades other financial varieties.
    D virtual exchanges: A shares, B shares, funds, bonds, claims, stock index futures, commodity futures, cross -variety combination investment.
    Colida financial teaching systems: A shares, B shares, funds, bonds, foreign exchange, commodity futures.
    Financial simulation products: A shares, B shares, funds, bonds, claims, foreign exchange, commodity futures.
    The "2009 Standard Edition": A shares, funds, bonds.
    It simulation stocks are divided into web version (web version), software version, mobile version. Generally speaking, the simulation stock software mostly refers to the simulation stock client version. Because in the real stock market, it is mainly used for transactions using software, so the software version of the simulation stocks are also simulated in the simulation stocks.
    In more about Oriental wealth simulation stocks, enter: m./ask/? ZD view more content

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