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  1. China Bank ATA Certificate Certificate Book:
    1, Introduction:
    (1) Product introduction:
    ata Certificate Book guarantee letter refers to When applying for an ATA document book, the application issued by the bank to the bank shall be issued by the ATA document book to the beneficiary and ensure that the payment of the temporary imported goods should be allowed to cope with various taxes.
    2, applicable customers:
    Group customers, non -financial institution companies, etc.
    3, product advantages:
    (1) Simplify customs clearance procedures, save customs clearance costs and time;
    (2) Reduce the risk of the holder; Fund occupation;
    (4) Improve commercial credit.
    4, support currency:
    RMB and our banks can be exchanged for foreign currency.
    The above content is for your reference. Please prevail in business regulations.
    If you have any questions, please consult the Bank of China online customer service.
    IV, please download and use the Bank of China Mobile Banking APP or BOC Cross -border Go APP to handle related businesses.

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