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  1. Introduction: Ericsson Corporation (.m.ericsSon) was established in Sweden in Europe in 1876 and has a history of 125 years. From the early production telephone and telephone switch, Ericsson has developed to the world's leading manufacturer of comprehensive communication solutions to the world today. Currently, there are more than 100,000 employees and provided users with comprehensive communication solutions to users in more than 140 countries around the world. Plan and service. Its main businesses are mobile communication systems, multi -business networks, consumer communication products, data backbones and optical fiber networks, Internet applications and solutions and corporate network solutions and global service businesses. Ericsson is the world's largest mobile communications network supplier, accounting for 30%of the world's mobile system market share and 40%of GSM market share. 40%of the world's mobile calls are performed through the Ericsson system. And supplier of the third -generation mobile communication standards. Ericsson's leadership in the mobile Internet market has the largest market share in commercial GPRS (2.5 -generation mobile communications) contract and 3G (third -generation mobile communication system). Ericsson is also ahead of the broadband Internet market. Ericsson supports the smooth communication network to transition to the next generation. In 2000, Ailin launched the world's first GPRS mobile phone R520 with Bluetooth function. Ericsson's contact with China dates back to 1892. In 1894, 2,000 Aili phone came to Shanghai and opened the chapters of Ericsson and China. In 1985, Ericsson opened its first office in China in Beijing; in 1994, Ericsson (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing. At present, Ericsson has 4,500 employees in China, and has established 24 offices, 3 wholly -owned enterprises and 10 joint ventures to provide Chinese users with a full set of communication solutions and services. In order to promote the localization of Ericsson business in China in China, Ericsson's localization process has formulated a systematic and comprehensive localization plan to negotiate, implement and supervise its localization process. By 2001, Ericsson's direct investment in China exceeded 600 million US dollars, and the joint investment has already exceeded 15 billion yuan. The daily local procurement volume will exceed 40 million yuan, and local procurement will reach 16 billion yuan throughout the year. The products of Ericsson System reached 60%, mobile phone products reached 70%, and the supply chain in China created employment opportunities for more than 34,000 people. 97%of Ericsson's 4,500 employees in China are local employees, of which 10%of them work in the field of research and development. In May 2005, Ericsson Mobile Data Application Technology R

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