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  1. Private equity funds, as opposed to common funds, refers to fund products that invest in and financial management to specific investors, institutions and individuals through non -public methods, and negotiate and return investment and financial management according to investors and managers. According to different standards, the classification of private equity funds has a variety of classification methods for private equity funds. Here, we will only divide it with common investment objects. From international experience, the current investment targets for private equity funds are very extensive. Taking the United States and Britain as an example, the investment targets of their private equity funds include stocks, bonds, futures, options, equity recognition certificates, foreign exchange, gold and silver, real estate, information software industry, and small and medium -sized enterprises' risk entrepreneurial investment. The market to the capital market to high -tech markets, from the spot market due, and all investment opportunities from the domestic market to the international market. According to the above objects, it can be divided into three categories: 1. Securities Investment Private Equity Fund: As the name suggests, this is a fund based on investment securities and other financial derivatives. Hedry funds, tiger funds, and American leopard funds such as represent. This type of fund is basically designed by the manager to design an investment strategy and initiate an open private equity fund. It can adjust the investment portfolio and conversion investment concept in a timely manner according to the requirements of investors, and investors can redeem the fund's net value. Its advantage is that it can be tailored according to the requirements of the investor, the funds are more concentrated, the investment management process is simple, and it can be invested in a large number of financial leverage and various forms. The yield is relatively high. 2. Industrial private equity funds: This type of fund is mainly based on the investment industry. Because fund managers have in -depth understanding and extensive connections such as information industry and new materials such as information industry and new materials, he can initiate the establishment of industrial private equity funds in a limited partnership form. Managers are just a small amount of funds of symbolic expenditures, and most of them come from raised. While obtaining large investment income, managers also need to bear unlimited responsibilities. Such funds generally have a closed period of 7-9 years and settled at one time at the expiration. 3. Risk and private equity fund: Its investment targets are mainly the rights and interests of small and medium -sized enterprises that are in the entrepreneurial period and growing periods to share the high returns brought by their high -speed growth. It is characterized by long investment recycling cycle, high yield, and high risk.

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