2 thoughts on “How to make the bank card display a false balance”

  1. This is not allowed to make the bank card display a false balance.
    The introduction of bank card function:

    1. Access cash. Most of the debit cards have local and foreign currency, regular, and diverse savings functions. The debit cards can be deposited on the debit debit card bank outlets and self -service banks, and can also withdraw money on the ATM machines (ATM) across the country and the world.

    2. Transfer remittance. Cardholders can transfer or remit money to other accounts through bank outlets, online banking, self -service banks and other channels.

    3. Swipe card consumption. Cardholders can use debit cards to use debit cards to spend.
    The collection of payment. The debit card can be used to pay for salary, and it can also pay various fees (such as communication costs, water, electricity, gas, etc.).

    4. Asset management. Wealth management products, open funds, insurance, personal foreign exchange trading, and precious metal transactions can all be signed, traded and settled through debit cards.

    5. Other services. Many bank debit card services have extended to financial services, such as providing airport VIP channels and medical and health services for cardholders.

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