4 thoughts on “Is the cost of Shopify Payments?”

  1. The cost of building a station with SHOPIFY is mainly monthly rent commission plug -in. The monthly rent costs are 26 $, 79 $, and 299 $ each month, respectively. Different monthly rental commissions require differently. The figure below allows you to know which version is suitable for the current sales.
    Ifly using richer functional plug -in, you need to pay a lot of costs every year. Some necessary plug -ins are paid. According to Hai Ge's experience, a complete SHOPIFY website, the annual plug-in cost is about 1W-2W. Students who are familiar with the establishment of the station may ask, the cost of the plug -in can be worth the one -year server of Amazon Cloud. Why not use open source systems such as Magento? Shopify itself does not have any technical difficulty, no code code, with rich templates and plug -ins, you can complete the construction and online work of the website alone, while Magento needs more personnel to maintain. Shopify salary more than Magento's salary than Magento's salary salary than Magento's salary. , But the difference is not much. So don't be superstitious for SHOPIFY to spend less money.

  2. First of all, do you use the basic version or the general version or the high -end version. The monthly fee of 29 knives is 2.9% 0.3. Each transaction will be charged. You must pay attention to what the collection method you use. After your payment method, after the handle fee is charged, the money is the account that enters your payment method, such as PP, then PP withdrawn from the fee. , It depends on the other party or not

  3. Different monthly fees are different. If the monthly fee is 29 knives, it is 2.9% 0.3, and the SHOPTAGO system is collected 0.5%-1%. The system is pretty good

  4. Basically, the opening is free, because the time points for opening in each region are different from the archives, so the rate of each transaction will change due to different merchant account levels, which are usually 2.9-3.9%. The domestic Qianhai policy is not bad, about 3-3.5%.

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