3 thoughts on “What does Mei Zhai mean for the entire two -dimensional culture market?”

  1. "Mei Zhai", personal understanding, essentially refers to the excessive pursuit of commercialization, follow the wind and speculation, and eat less good -looking behaviors. The biggest disadvantage of "Mei Zhai" is to reduce the standard of business success in the work, and it is easy to cause "inferior coins to expel good coins" for a period of time, causing waste of resources and comprehensive lowering of the industry and circle image. But frankly, the criticism of the "charming house" in reality is much more complicated than the definition of Mei Zhai. Borrowing a sentence: "The audience is actually not resistant to 'Mei Zhai', but just hates that there is no 'charming self. It is the market demand that determines the supply of the market.

    In fact, the reason why the "charming house" appears is because (at the commercial level) animation is also a commodity, because the industry smells some kind of business routine. (Stable routine of recovering costs). The controversy of the evaluation of the work is mainly (at the level of art). Do the target readers and the audience group accurate positioning and precise blows? Considering first, why do the producers of animation, comics, light novels and games think that they can recover costs and make money steadily? Talk: The audience is God.
    Although the belief attributes of cultural products are bonus, the nature of the production of commercial animation is the same as the production of daily necessities. It is because everyone knows what type of works make money. Yiti bee to produce a certain product.
    Mu Zhai reduces the standard of success in the business of the work, and it is easy to cause the "inferior coin to expel good coins" for a period of time. Low. However, if all literary and artistic works are forcibly required to have a high spiritual core, as long as it is not tall, it must be criticized. This is actually very unreasonable? These two are actually expected without authorization and disappointed disappointed without authorization. 。当然,只要是赚钱的热门话题作,人们不论看与不看,或多或少都是会要求更多一些,期望它们能够尽量高大上,比如寓教于乐一些,内涵深刻一点儿,有Educational significance and the like are worthy of the money they make, not for mental drugs.

  2. Mei Zhai, some of the capitals expressed by the culture derived from the otaku and daughter. The charm house is actually just a phenomenon of cutting leeks in the accumulation of capital. Some otakus and house girls may buy it for Meisiya.

  3. It means that not only can it drive the needs of the entire two -dimensional cultural market, increase the purchasing power of the virtual economy, but also develop new areas and develop new economic markets.

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