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  1. ENS is a CPU rendering for graphics card performance.
    ens that only needs to be simply learned to show a satisfactory effect in a short time. Everything for software operations is fool -like. , Can also output 360 panorama and animation, allowing customers to enter 3D space exploration.
    Forced rendering
    is a kind of hardware acceleration. The main role is to share the burden of the CPU. The principle is to reduce the burden of CPU through the GPU's processing of software graphics, so that application software can use it with Fast speed is processed to achieve the purpose of speeding up. For ordinary players, forced GPU rendering is a double -edged sword, which has advantages and disadvantages.
    Although the forced GPU rendering can achieve acceleration of application software, long -term opening for mandatory GPU rendering will cause mobile phones to be overloaded for a long time, which will adversely affect the battery life and the service life of the mobile phone.

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