What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing an electric water heater?

Water heaters are necessary appliances for cleaning and bathing in our daily life. Among them, electric water heaters are favored by many people for their advantages of convenient installation, adaptability to various installation environments, and stable water flow. Today we talk about what aspects should be paid attention to when buying an electric water heater?

  1. Classification

Speaking of electric water heaters, many people's first impression is the storage type electric water heater with a large tank. This water storage type electric water heater is a type of electric water heater with the highest market share at present. In addition to storage-type electric water heaters, there are various types such as instant electric water heaters, fast-heating electric water heaters, air energy electric water heaters, and small kitchen treasures.

Among them, the storage type electric water heater is relatively simple to install, and has high safety. It can supply water from multiple channels, and it can be used for bathing, washing and washing vegetables, which is very convenient.

Instant electric water heaters belong to the second generation of electric water heaters, which can be turned on and heated immediately. There is no problem with storage electric water heaters that need to wait for the water to heat up before they can be used, and there is no water storage tank, and the volume is relatively small. Instant stop, no waste of water and electricity.see more:best 50 gallon gas water heater

Fast-heating electric water heaters belong to the third generation of electric water heaters. Compared with instant electric water heaters with a power of more than 6000W, fast-heating electric water heaters usually only have about 3000W, and the requirements for wiring are not high. Moreover, the volume of the fast-heating electric water heater is between the storage-type electric water heater and the instant-heating electric water heater, and the volume is medium. It combines the advantages of the storage-type electric water heater and the fast-heating electric water heater. , which fully satisfies the comfort of people in the bathing process, and no longer needs to worry about the lack of water and the need to wait for a bath.

Air energy water heaters can be said to be the most energy-efficient electric water heaters. This kind of water heater uses the principle of heat pump to transfer the heat in the outdoor air to the water storage tank to heat the water, and the efficiency is more than three times that of the traditional electric water heater. It’s just that the air source water heater is greatly affected by the outdoor temperature. Usually, when the outdoor temperature is lower than 5°C, its heating efficiency will drop significantly. When the temperature reaches below zero, it is necessary to use electric auxiliary heating. . Therefore, air-energy electric water heaters are more suitable for areas with relatively hot weather in the south, while cold areas in the north can only be used normally in summer.

Kitchen appliances are divided into two types: water storage type and instant heating type. The power and capacity are relatively small. They are usually installed in the kitchen to wash vegetables, dishes, etc., so I won’t introduce them here.

From the above introduction, we can see that the fast-heating electric water heater is the most practical electric water heater at present. Water-type electric water heaters have disadvantages such as slow heating and long heating time.

Due to the relatively large power of the instant electric water heater, it is relatively limited by the household line, so it is not recommended here.

  1. Capacity

It is generally recommended to buy electric water heaters with a capacity of 60L-80L for households to purchase storage-type electric water heaters. Storage-type electric water heaters exceeding 80L are relatively large in size and cannot be hung on the wall. They can only be used as floor-standing ones, which take up a lot of space. , usually not recommended to buy.

Many manufacturers have put out the slogan of "rapid heating and capacity increase" for fast-heating electric water heaters. The heating speed of fast-heating electric water heaters is close to that of instant electric water heaters, so it can achieve the effect of increasing the capacity of storage-type electric water heaters in disguise. It can reach more than 5 times the capacity, so this type of electric water heater can be used as the first choice.

  1. Liner

The inner tank is the heart of the electric water heater. The quality of the inner tank determines the service life of the water heater. When purchasing, try to choose a seamless enamel inner tank. This kind of inner tank has the best anti-corrosion, heat preservation and service life. Also read:Best 8 Portable Water Heaters for RV or Camping

  1. Appearance

People in today's society have higher and higher requirements for the design of home decoration, so they also have higher requirements for the appearance of some home appliances. At present, there are many electric water heaters on the market, such as double tank structure, flat barrel design, hidden installation, etc., which are all replacing the traditional bulky cylinder structure. Moreover, personalized colors such as gold and silver can also be better integrated into the design.

  1. Function

There is water in the water tank of the storage type electric water heater for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, the functions of antibacterial, antibacterial, sterilizing, and sterilization of the storage type electric water heater are also very important, and it is also the key to ensuring our healthy bathing.

In addition, due to the different water quality in different regions, some scale is easy to form in the water tank of the electric water heater. In the past, electric water heater manufacturers used magnesium rods to reduce the accumulation of scale, but the magnesium rods needed to be replaced frequently, and the cost of later maintenance was relatively high. In recent years, many electric water heater manufacturers have introduced no-replacement magnesium rod electric water heaters. Using electronic magnesium rods instead of magnesium rods can achieve lifetime-free replacement of magnesium rods, which is very convenient.

Others such as safety, commonly used are anti-electric wall, three-level power failure, anti-dry heating technology, etc., which can effectively guarantee the safety of our use, so as long as you buy products from regular manufacturers and install electric water heaters correctly, there is basically no need to worry about safety. The problem.

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