1 thought on “What to do if pets are randomly shit, how to make dogs fixedly defecate”

  1. To solve the problem of pet dogs and shit, take it to the toilet when taking the dog home, and let it know that shit should be in the toilet. Pet dogs enter the peak of bowel movements 15 minutes after meals, and the owner should bring it to the toilet in advance and wait for it to defecate. Pet dogs should give it some snacks as rewards after going to the toilet to stimulate enthusiasm.
    1. Knowing the location
    If the pet dog shit, the owner should let it first understand and where to shit. When the pet dog first arrived, it was necessary to bring it to the toilet first, let it recognize the way, and pull it once. After that, if a pet dog still can't remember to go to the toilet, it will repeat this process.
    2. Prediction of shit
    The pet dog is a rectum. It is generally easier to defecate after eating 15 minutes after eating. When the pet dog comes, it will like to walk around and sniff everywhere. In this case, the owner should take it to the toilet, let it defecate, and let it develop the habit of defecation in the toilet.
    3. Combination of rewards and punishments
    After pet dogs go to the toilet to shit, the owner should give it some snacks as a reward, which can stimulate the enthusiasm of it to go to the toilet shit. If it randomly shit, do not hit it and put it in the small black house as punishment.

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