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  1. Big Bear dog has a soft expression, his eyes are round, usually black or dark brown, located on the head, facing the front. The eye circles itself must be black. Healthy bi -bear's ears are drooping and hidden in long hair. The ears are slightly higher to the horizontal line of the eyes, and the head is more forward. Its head is slightly arched, the nasal mirror is more prominent, and the color is darker. The lips are black, meticulous but not drooping, and cutting. The Bear Cerlene was proudly raised and erected behind his head. Smooth integration into the scapula. The length of the neck is about 1/3 of the distance from the back pillow bone to the horse shoulders.

    The tail of a good Bichon dog looks like feathers, the position is flat with the back line, and the back is gently rolled behind the back, so the hair on the tail is leaning behind the back. When the tail stretches towards the head, it can at least reach the middle of the horse shoulders. Foot is similar to the so -called cat foot, directly pointing forward, neither bending inward nor outward. Black foot pads. The angle of the thigh is appropriate, the muscles are developed, and the distance is slightly wider. The bottom hair is soft and thick, and the back of the outer layer is thick and curled. The combination of the two hair, when touching, produces a soft and strong feeling, and the feeling of being shot is as elastic as long plush or velvet.

    Moles are mild and lively. It likes to get along with people. Although the personality is mild, sometimes naughty behavior is still available. The heart is quite strong, and it is very suitable for helping to see home.

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