4 thoughts on “How to celebrate the birthday of a dog?”

  1. I think it is very valuable. It is a very happy thing to record the growth of Mao children! In fact, we often take a lot of photos for pets, but these photos are placed on the hard disk, and we will not watch it for a long time. When it is broken, all the information will be lost. But if you do one book every year, you can take it out at any time. Thinking of their cute time is really a beautiful thing. You can look at it Baidu.

  2. Sing it for it to make a pet cake for Wang Wang Birthday and invite it
    , the friends who eat together and usually accompany it more

  3. You can make a memorial book for Mao Children. Although most of the methods recorded now are taken in digital products, paper photos that can be touched can be touched. After reading it, it is warmer than the electronic screen. It is recommended to start a Linkwide photo printer of Fuji Instax. Broad -sized photo paper can accommodate more pictures, which is very suitable for the growth album of pets. On Baidu, there is also a wide -ranging accessories box with the theme of cute pets, which contains silk scarves, stickers and handbook albums. You can set your own DIY!

  4. 1. Make the food it likes to eat for dogs, or prepare a birthday cake
    2. Put candles for dogs, order candles, and sing birthday songs
    3. A year of meaningful time for a year

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