1 thought on “How to make a puppy's clothes is simple”

  1. Make dog clothes
    A beautifully fitted pet costume. It will not make it feel comfortable on your baby, and it will also attract other people's envy vision, making you the master you feel glory. It also satisfies your baby's small vanity!
    So how can you make your baby's clothing fit and beautiful?
    of course Ah!
    cloth (here is a square scarf of the cover of the microwave), the mother buckle,
    pin line, and scissors.
    1. Dig two holes in the front leg of a good dog, and use the wire to wrap the edges.
    2. The part of the collar is folded and cut a one -inch mouth (for the collar).
    3. A row of mother buckles on each side of the cloth.
    4. Completed!

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