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  1. 01 Because there are many fat and calcium ions in the bones, the bone bone can supplement the calcium required for the growth of dogs, and can also exercise the dog's bite ability. In addition, bones can be used as molar toys, and often bones can help dogs clean their teeth and change teeth.
    Dogs are descendants of cracked carnivorous mammals that have a unique bite -breaking meat effect by millions of years ago. Immediately after that, the lifestyle was gradually changed, thus forming a selective evolution environment, and gradually formed a family dog, and then gradually changed, becoming a dog now becoming a dog.
    Is before they evolved into a family dog, wild dogs, wolves, leopards, etc. needed to prey in prey, hunting to food, they usually eat the meat of the prey first, and then bring the bones back to the cave to bite. This also shows that dogs like bones are a inheritance of the ancestral gene.
    of course, in addition to inheriting this statement, the dogs like to eat bones also have the following important reasons:
    1. Supplement of calcium
    Attraction, especially when dogs lack food. Secondly, the bones are rich in calcium. Dogs can absorb the calcium in large quantities in the process of eating bones, thereby promoting the dog's development.
    2. Exercise bite
    This often requires a large bite force, so dogs will exercise their bite by eating bones, thereby enhancing their own food ability, and competing with similar competitions. Ability, this is especially important for the survival of wild dogs.
    3. Mogo
    It, the bones and furniture at home are also a tool for dogs and furniture at home. It's just that compared to stinky leather shoes, the bones are much more attractive to dogs, so that dogs can avoid the dogs from biting furniture.
    4. Cleaning the teeth
    The bone bone can help the dog to remove the dental stones on the teeth and prevent periodontal disease. In addition, dogs in the teeth change period especially like to bite bones. This is because bite bones can help the dog relieve the teeth itching and help the dog change teeth.
    Although the dog likes to bones, the bones are still very unsafe for the dog. Every year, there are many cases of damage to dogs because of the dog's bones, such as teeth broken, oral and tongue scratching, bone fragments stuck in the esophagus, causing internal bleeding, bacterial infection, etc., can torture the dog very painful and even die. Therefore, everyone should try to avoid eating bones for dogs.

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