Laizhou Zhuqiao Dog City

The car from Laizhou to the west is off at the end. Is it far? I heard that Zhuqiao Dog City is good, really?

5 thoughts on “Laizhou Zhuqiao Dog City”

  1. In the north of Laizhou, it is directly from Laizhou to Zhuqiao 6 yuan. But understand, or let the dog dealer cheat. It's so good. Just by the road. If you have a bitch. There are also breeding here. Note that it is just when the collection is. It is basically gone from the morning to 10. 5 days a market

  2. Zhuqiao Dog City is well -known, and the dog market is on the Zhuqiao collection. When you rush the market, you can reach the bus directly, just on the side of the road.

  3. In 2021, Zhuqiao Village Dog City and Zhuqiao Collection synchronize! Officially released! Thank you for your support! If there is a dated the dog market, we will investigate the legal responsibility!

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