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  1. Of course, it ’s a pet hospital. Find some of your nearby pet hospitals. You can give pets such as dogs and cats for parasites.

    The diet
    Peofling the dietary article in the previous part today. The diet of dogs is the most valuable part of parents. The puppies' diet is even more important!

    1. Put aside the old concept. Do not feed the dog leftovers, do not feed snacks at will, and do not drink the dogs that are not clean. The puppies are very sensitive, and the salt and many other materials they eat are unacceptable by dogs, such as chocolate and milk. Garlic, etc., this not only pay attention to puppies, but also pay attention to adults.

    2. You should prepare special food for dogs for dogs. If your teeth have not grown, you can try soaking in water. Also remember to keep the utensils clean.

    3. Do not have too much weight. There will be an introduction to the packaging of dog food. Different dog food brands have different feeding volume, and parents grasp the amount. You can observe the dog's feces if you do n’t have a good grasp. The soft feces indicate that the dog eats too much the day before, and if the feces are relatively hard, it means that eating less the day before, it is just right for hard and hard.

    4. Eat less meals! It is best to feed 3 times a day, and its stomach will not have heavy burdens and can exercise gastrointestinal function.

    The most easy mistakes that the first dog breeding is to give it food for people, because the dogs are the dogs who eat leftovers and leftovers. Dogs who eat leftovers for a long time will have a lack of nutrition, severe tears, tooth decay, and darkening hair. Parents must pay attention to this!

    This maintenance chapter
    Is when the dog adapts to the environment of the home, prepare some toys for the dog, and take a bath regularly. However, there are still many things worth noting, and it is still impossible to underestimate.

    1. The traction rope is the dog's lifeline! Keep this sentence in mind! When you go out, you must give the dog a good rope!

    2. Take a regular bath for the dogs. At the same time, remember to prepare a special shower gel for dogs. The pH value of dogs and people is different, and shampoo shower gels that cannot be used by people cannot be used. When bathing, wash your hair and wash your hair. This is just the opposite of taking a bath. Remember to blow dry drying after washing. Do not let it dry freely. This is easy to get skin diseases.

    3. The hair of puppies does not grow completely, due to an awkward period. So at this time, you don't need to do beauty. But you can trim it yourself properly, such as the hair covering the hair and knot hair.

    4. Regular deworming, but deworming is divided into in vitro and in vitro. Dogs that often go to the grass to play with in vitro deworming, fleas and lice are still troublesome.

  2. Now do a parasitic check for pets without going to a pet hospital. The owner can do it at home. Before I did it at the Daen Mei Cyania, more than 200 dollars, as long as the pets of the pet were sent to them. There was a result. The report was checked on the public account. My cat detected it infected with the spores. After looking for a doctor to treat this insect, the cat was fine, which was very effective.

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