How can Ankang buy a short -haired puppy?

Like the title, I want to buy a puppy like a Chihuahua, I don’t know where to buy it. I went to the dog market on Sunday, so there is no good dog.

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  1. Brother, buying Chihuahua in Ankang. Essence Essence You still give up. Our so -called dog market is sold in the first class, most of which are cheap goods such as Beijing -Pak and Haba dogs. The type of survival rate with high survival rate is sold. Chihuahua puppies are difficult to raise, and many people who sell dogs are afraid to do it.

    The weekend Kangcheng Pedestrian Street dog market is larger. You can go to see it, but there are not many dogs, there are some famous dogs in scattered, I have also seen purebred brown chopsticks. Pay attention to the appearance, some selling dogs are asking for the price, and the hybrid Scottish shepherd dares to be 4,000. Essence Essence If you want to say it is purely, you have to look at the blood certificate. Maybe you can hit a jeetal, it is best to buy the game level. Although it is a little more expensive, it is really smart. If the dog is a stupid dog, it will be unpleasant. Essence Essence

    If you can't meet you, go to Xi'an to buy it: Jingwang Road (Park South Road North Exit)

    Road, 300, 313, 526, 708, 714, 717, Park South Road North Exit.

  2. Tea cup VIP
    I I think you will like it.
    but you don't know if there is any.
    It you can go online.

    . She is only as big as one tea cup.
    very cute,

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