How to remove the dog's urine smell

There is no one in the family for a day. I have to go to work. When I go out in the morning, walk a dog and come back from get off work at night to take a dog. The dog must not be able to hold it at home for a day. It is too difficult to make it too difficult to urinate. But the taste of dog urine is very strong, and it still tastes after wiping it many times.

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  1. There are the following five methods to remove the urine taste of dogs, such as using dedicated mop to taste, placing activated carbon, maintaining ventilation, improving the dog diet and training dogs. Drag to taste
    It here you should think, it is dogs who are diarrhea, and what is the problem of mop? What you have to understand is that dogs are used to going to the toilet in a fixed place, and whether or not dog urine taste will become the standard for dog judgment. If you use a mop to clean the dog's urine, and then mop the ground with a mop, so that the dog will think that you can go to the toilet everywhere, and add salt to the mop water to remove the urine flavor!
    2, placed activated carbon
    The scent has removed the source of the smell, but there is still a small amount of urine smell in the air. At this time, you may wish to prepare a few activated carbon hanging not far from the urine taste. The windows or balcony doors in the semi -level room will leave a small amount of wind in and set it up for a week. It plays the role of auxiliary deodorization spray and removes the odor of the room.
    3. Keep ventilation and ventilation

    It does not have a urine smell at home. In addition to walking dogs and placing activated carbon, you must also keep the room ventilation and ventilation to allow the air to circulate the air and disperse the taste; There are dog -nest, flooring, carpets, etc., take regular cleaning, take the sun to sterilize, and effectively remove the odor.
    4. Training dogs to urinate
    The training dogs can prevent the dog from urinating anywhere. In fact, it is not difficult to train dogs. Urine, when the dog wants to urinate, guide the past. When the dog urinates, the dogs will be rewarded in time. I learned in one to two weeks.
    5. Improved the dog diet
    This dog's urine taste is heavy. In fact, it also reflects the unhealthy dog. The dog may be angry. Generally, the healthy dog, the urine flavor will not smell of the urine. It is very large, and the urine is not yellow. Usually let the dog drink more water and give the dog a low salt and a light diet. Do not feed high -salt food food, you should choose some low salt and light natural food.

  2. Let the dogs excrete outdoors, put less carpets at home, use dedicated mop, open windows and ventilate, and use air purifiers.
    1. The best way to prevent dogs outdoor
    The best way to avoid the taste of urine at home is to make the dog defecate outdoors. The dog will be excreted in about half an hour after eating. If you want to train the dogs at home, you must not condone the dogs. But what needs to be noticed by the owner is that the dog's stool outside the stool outside can consciously pick it up and be a civilized dog.
    2. Putting less carpets at home
    After the dog sets a little urination at home, the owner will clean up in time, otherwise the time is long. The smell will be full of houses, and the home should try not to put the carpet at home, because the dogs will habitually excrete on the carpet, and these items are very water absorption. After a long time, the dog's urine smell was stopped at home, and it was difficult to clean up.
    3, use dedicated mop
    Here you should think that it is the dogs who are diarrhea, what is the matter of the mop? What you have to understand is that dogs are used to going to the toilet in a fixed place, and whether or not dog urine taste will become the standard for dog judgment. If you use a mop to clean the dog's urine, and then mop the ground with a mop, so that the dog will think that you can go to the toilet everywhere, and add salt to the mop water to remove the urine flavor.
    4. Open window ventilation flavor
    The most direct way to remove urine smells is to open the window to ventilate and disperse the smell. The air can also make people more refreshing, happy, and usually open the windows to ventilate.
    5. Use air purifier
    Sometimes the weather is not good. If the home is not ventilated, it is best to buy an air purifier. The dog's urine smell soon removes, which is a bit of electricity.
    Extension information

    The diet of dogs is also critical, because if dogs eat randomly or eat some inferior dog food, it may cause the dog to get angry, then The urine pulled out of course was yellow and smelly, and the home was a bad smell at home.
    So we usually pay more attention to the diet of the dog. It is best to choose a low -salt natural food with crude fiber to improve the problem of the dog's poop. Usually eat vegetables and fruits to allow dogs to drink plenty of water and keep their diet light.

  3. Now more and more people raising dogs in life. In the process of raising dogs, there must be a situation where dogs have urinated at home, and after helping the dogs clean up, there is still a urine at home. Taste, how do you remove the urine taste correctly?
    1. The "special" mop
    The pets mainly understand that dogs are accustomed to going to the toilet in a fixed place, and whether or not dog urine taste will become the standard for dog judgment. If the pet owner uses a mop to clean the dog's urine, and then mop with a mop everywhere, so that the dog will think that you can go to the toilet everywhere, so the mop used at home should be separated.
    2. Remove "small tricks"
    The places where dogs urinate, pet owners can add some laundry fluids, six gods to dew and other supplies to wipe the ground, which can remove urine flavor. If you do n’t want the dog to urinate at home, the only way is to take it out to walk out to make it accustomed to urination outside. Remember that the dogs are urinating outside.
    3, the room "multi -ventilation"
    wants to remove the urine smell, in addition to cleaning up the mop, we must also ventilate the house, keep the room dry, allow the indoor air to circulate, and effectively disperse the taste. Also, the dogs are usually peeing by dogs. You must also take out the sun and expose the sun. You can sterilize and taste it. Do n’t forget that the dog's nest can be reduced. It can reduce the occurrence of dog skin diseases!
    4. If the pets with pets
    If the habit of dogs and dogs are very serious, then the corners of the wall of the pet home will occasionally exuding the flavor of rotten onions. Parents who are diligent will actively clean the house. In fact, even if they have been cleaned, pet dogs can still distinguish the urine smell of the corner, thus repeatedly banned. At this time, the special pet removal concentrated agent can be solved well.

  4. Many of the pet owners who raise dogs are more disgusted that the dogs are randomly pulled, and the whole house is the urine smell of dogs. This not only causes the pet owner to engage in hygiene, but also feels uncomfortable, so if there is no dog's urine smell in the house, you need to do the following.
    . Use pet removal concentrated agent
    If the dog pee on the floor, do not spray too much water on the urine stains. The pet owner should first use a paper towel to suck the urine as well as possible, and then spray the pet removal concentrated agent, cover the range of the urine as thoroughly, and then use a vacuum to absorb these sewage or absorb these sewage with towels to absorb these sewage. Essence If the dog's hair is also contaminated with urine, it also uses the diluted pet to remove the flavor.
    . Training dogs with fixed urination
    In fact, if the dog can urinate at the point, the dogs in the house will have a lot less urine, but this requires the pet owner to train the dog from an early age. The pet owner must be patient during training, and repeatedly guide the dog. If the dog is done well, the pet owner can reward some snacks, so that the dog will know, the right owner will give it to the owner, and you will give it to the owner. It will be better for snacks, and the training effect will be better!
    . Improve the diet of the dog
    The pet owner sometimes sees the dog's urine is very yellow, and it smells more smelly than usual. Why? This is because the dog gets angry! And the dog getting angry is related to the usual food, so pets mainly start from the diet. Do not use too dry dog ​​food for the dogs. Then eat some vegetables or light liquid foods such as millet porridge or minced porridge.
    four, vinegar
    The pet owner can also use water with a percentage of 1: 1, vinegar mixes together in the dog urine area for 5-10 minutes, and then wipe it with a clean dry towel to reduce the dog urine. smell. After using a vinegar mixture, sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt on the stains to increase the cleaning effect.

  5. 1. regular cleaning of the dog's nest
    . The dog's nest that the dog sleeps is not cleaned for too long. After time, it will taste, so the dog owner needs to clean the dog's nest regularly. When cleaning, you can use a brush to brush. After the brush is cleaned, put on the balcony and dry it. If the dog's kernel's nest is relatively dirty, the dog owner does not want to clean it. If there are economic conditions, you can replace the dog's nest for the dog.
    2 · Use pet removal agent
    Plip -oriented dog owners should pay attention to regularly cleaning the interior hygiene. Some dogs are more hairy. Well, so the dog owner should clean the hair on the floor regularly. After cleaning, you can use pet deeds such as fast fun, spray it on the floor or the dog usually sleeps. Essence
    3 · Opening window ventilation
    For the dog's urine flavor, the dog owner usually pays attention to opening the window to ventilate, so that the indoor taste can be distributed. If the dog owner is worried about the dog when you open the window, you can open the window at the appropriate time period, so you don't have to worry about the dog will be cold.
    It in daily life, the dog owner also needs to take a bath regularly. When the dog is bathing, pay attention to the use of dogs with dogs, so that there is no harm to the dog's hair. And the dogs will not have a taste of dogs like a dog. After going home, pay attention to help the dog clean your paws and keep the dog's paw clean and hygienic.

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