1 thought on “What is the omen on the feng shui home? What is the omen?”

  1. 1. From the perspective of the people, if the pets at home are violent, then it is likely to be the forestein of breaking the wealth. So if the dog at home suddenly died, it is a sign of the owner's upcoming money.
    2. This is the most common signs when you are nearly death. Dogs will lie in a place where you feel comfortable, do not want to exercise, and are not interested in anything, and you can't even give the owner any response. Dogs will be in a state of drowsy or sleeping for a long time.
    3, animals are more fragile than humans to some extent, so they are more sensitive. The response to feng shui changes is also obvious. When the feng shui of the house is very unstable or the yin and yang alternately float too much, the living creatures will have physical discomfort. Human reactions may be often sick, but pets in the home may be violent.

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