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  1. 1. In this case, it involves picking things and animal infringement; in the case, Li and Zhang have faults and bear responsibility according to their own faults. The liability of the company only assumes the joint responsibility for Zhang's subordinates; we know that after Zhang Shi gets the puppy, at the stage of waiting for the puppy owner to claim this stage, he should fulfill the obligation of cautious management, and at this time he hurt the puppy People have no obligation to manage it, so he has to bear responsibility; Li is the guardian of a child, and he should also bear some responsibility due to his fault. Although the dog's wounded person is not at fault, the owner of the puppy is responsible for the infringement of the puppy. Of course, he can compensate Zhang's
    2, (1) Wang, Li, Zhang, Zhang Moumou As for his theft, he constituted a common crime, and Wang was responsible for his intentional homicide
    (2) Li's behavior constituted the crime of theft, and Wang constituted the crime of theft and intentional homicide.

  2. Their reason. We all meet the conditions. This incident, provincial and county education bureaus did not do well. Who else dares to teach? Where is the reputation of the government? There are Sihong Education Bureau, the sea of ​​Yancheng, and Pei County in Xuzhou. They refused to sign. Why is there such a reason why these places have to be learned.
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