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  1. Pet dogs should choose milk
    1. Dogs should not drink fresh milk
    The bacterial content in fresh milk puppies may be more unable to load, it is easy to diarrhea and cause other gastrointestinal diseases, and the content of sugar is also excessive High!
    2, milk powder is more ok
    If to drink whole milk milk, it is recommended to use brewing all -fat milk powder, and the general whole -fat fresh milk should be drunk or even avoided, because because There are also problems such as lactose, fat content, and bacteria.
    3, the most secure milk milk
    among all milk, dehydrated milk is relatively safe, because dehydrated milk and lactose content are lower than whole milk powder, and it can be given by liquid or milk powder. Puppy drink.
    Ird dogs to drink milk
    1. Fresh milk must be diluted
    No matter what age, dogs are not suitable for drinking fresh milk, even if it is low -fat fresh milk, because it contains inside Bacted bacteria and lactose, the digestive system of dogs cannot be loaded. If you really want to drink it, it is best to add water to dilute!
    2. Avoid long -term feeding
    The milk does not feed for a long time even if there is no side effect on the dog. It is even more important to replace the meal food, because after all, it is just to supplement the dog's nutrition, not a necessity.
    3, milk is not supplement
    Many people mistakenly think that dogs with poor constitution need to drink milk to supplement nutrients. This is actually incomplete. Don't use milk as a supplement. If it causes gastrointestinal discomfort, it may make it worried about life.

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